Turning In the Townhome

Episode HSOLD-106

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When Andrew and Debra Pegalis learned that Andrew's job was moving two hours away, they decided to put their luxury townhome on the market and build a new house. It has been four months since their place has been for sale, and the couple and their daughter, Brooklyn, are tired of commuting between the two places. Realtor Jennifer Snowden has the know-how to get this house sold and signs on to help. Host and staging expert Sabrina Soto signs on to work her makeover magic.

Update: Andrew and Debra had a busy open house with positive responses to Sabrina's staging. Lots of new interest was generated with the changes, and after a few months the Pegalises have sold their townhouse. While they had to drop the price one more time, they are very excited that the house is finally off the market. Andrew has since settled into his new job, and the whole family loves their new home.

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