New Baby Means Bigger Place

Episode HSOLD-109

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When Lisa and David Shoshan became parents, they realized that their townhouse would be snug for an expanding family. Now that son Felice is 1 year old, they are more than ready to move on to a bigger place that is closer to Lisa's family. But after three months on the market without a single bite, they need some expert guidance. That's where the Get It Sold team comes into play. Top real estate agent Mark Rutstein and expert stager Sabrina Soto develop a plan to really make this place shine for the open house.

Update: After months of trying to sell their home David and Lisa decided to take their home off the market. Since taking their home off the market they've invested in several home improvement projects that have increased their living space. For now, they're enjoying the new home improvements and are waiting for a better market before trying to sell again.

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