Marking Down for a Move

Episode HSOLD-112

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Gladys and Edvin Hernandez have decided to move their family abroad to France so that Edvin can continue his education. Before they do that, they must get their house sold. Realtor Mike Aubrey discovers that the Hernandezes have over-priced their home and suggests they reduce the amount immediately to make way for a sale. Host and stager Sabrina Soto says decluttering the place and toning down the decor could help matters as well.

Update: After the open house, the Hernandez home had lots of potential buyer interest but no offers to buy. The changes Soto made in the home also peaked interest in renting the property, so after several months, Gladys and Edvin decided to rent for the next year. While Edvin continues his studies in France, Gladys and the kids will remain in the area for the school year. The family plans on being reunited next year in France, at which point they will consider placing their home back on the market.

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