Texas Tuscan, Ohio Barn, Minnesota Cottage

Episode HGREN-204

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An outdated Tuscan-style house overlooking Austin, Texas, gets a modern makeover including a spacious new kitchen and great room. A Cincinnati woman turns a rickety old horse barn into a peaceful, comfortable home. A Minnesota couple turn grandma's old summer cabin into a year-round home big enough for a family.

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    • contractor—Gregg Davidson
      11373 Avant Lane
      Cincinnati, OH 45249
      Phone: 513-489-0688
    • architect—Harry Sparks
      Architectural Group International
      100 East Rivercenter Blvd., Suite 200
      Covington, KY 41011
      Phone: 859-261-5400
    • contractor—Planesman Construction
      Harold Bend
      931 107th Ave.
      Roberts, WI 54023
      Phone: 715-749-3507
    • architect—MS&R Architecture & Interior Design
      710 South 2nd St., 7th Floor
      Minneapolis MN 55401
      Phone: 612-375-0336
      Website: www.msrltd.com
    • architect—Dick Clark Architecture
      Dick Clark
      207 W. 4th St.
      Austin, TX 78701
      Website: www.dcarch.com
      Phone: 512-472-4980