Vermicomposting: How to Compost With Worms

Worms can turn your everyday kitchen waste into rich compost that plants absolutely love, and you don't even need a garden plot to make it happen. Here's how to set up the perfect little worm ranch right in your home.

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Add Worms

4. One pound of red wigglers (1,000) can handle at least 1/2 lb. of food scraps a day, or about 3 1/2 lbs. of scraps per week. If your family generates more, consider a bigger bin or multiple bins. However, try to avoid using deeper bins: Aeration and drainage problems can occur.

Red wigglers are the best choice for the close quarters of an indoor bin.

Feed Your Worms

5. Wait for the worms to burrow, moving away from the light. (This can take a little while.) Once the worms have burrowed, add veggie and fruit scraps, coffee grounds and other kitchen scraps, burying little piles in different areas. To reduce the chance of fruit flies, make sure the food is covered.

You might also want to place a piece of cardboard loosely on the surface of the newspaper. Put the lid on the bin.

Tip: Worms have food preferences just like humans do. Don't add too many acidic scraps (citrus rinds). Onions can also be problematic. Add these scraps a little at a time until you get a feel for what — and how much — your worms can handle. Avoid using grains, which can attract rodents.

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