Family Ties

Episode H4RNT-310H

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  • September 19, 2013

    8:30 AM e/p

Short on space for their growing family, new parents Jeff and Tiffany are ready to trade in their 500-square-foot apartment for a spacious new downtown home in a vibrant community that features plenty of green space and cultural attractions. Enter rental expert Jodi Gilmour. She promises to find them an ideal new family pad with a bathtub and in-home laundry. But will they be able to narrow down their options? At first the couple is thrilled with an open concept home. That is, until a waterfront condo rental delivers a great view with even more space for their money. Will they opt for it even though the neighborhood isn't know for it's family feel? And will Jodi's makeover please a six-month old and her parents?