Flop House Flip

Episode HFORF-109H

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  • October 07, 2014

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  • October 21, 2014

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Tarek snoops a small four bedroom foreclosure with a pool in La Mirada as Christina heads to the public foreclosure auction where the house is on the docket. Tarek calls Christina, and from his evaluation of the house, Christina bids and wins the house for $210,000, a smokin' deal! However, as soon as Tarek and Christina open the door, it's clear that this dilapidated house needs a full rehab from tip to tail. It's a disgusting, smelly, confusing mess of rooms, with piles of trash, and graffiti everywhere. Tarek seriously underestimated the home's rehab costs, as initial bids from contractors come in at $50,000 and up. The cost alone for cleaning up this flop house is expensive, but when they begin to discover a bevy of unpermitted construction, Tarek and Christina are forced to demo unpermitted additions and spend money to decrease their square footage! With a skyrocketing budget and a rehab plan, which actually might be de-valuing the house, will this flop house Flip Or Flop?