Your Home: Fall Season

Make the most of fall weekends with DIY projects that will beautify your home — and increase its resale value.

Home Improvement 101

Home Improvement Advice

Before you invest time and money, make sure you do your homework.

Top Do's and Don'ts

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  • Wallet-Friendly DIY Projects

    You can complete these fun and fast projects for only $100.

    Follow the Step-by-Steps

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  • Best Doggone Doghouse

    Upload photos and see other adorable pet domiciles.

    Click Through Pics

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  • Outdoor Rooms

    Enjoy the fall season in your own relaxing backyard space.

    Design a Retreat

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  • DIY Gift Ideas

    Make a piece of furniture or accessory for someone else.

    Projects to Try

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  • Spruce Up for the Holidays

    Make home improvements that will improve your home's style.

    Ways to Impress Your Guests

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