Supersize Yard Sale

Episode HEYS8-S10H

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Three teams of shoppers who are family & friends from Detroit, all starting with $500, compete to make the smartest buys at the 2010 Endless Yard Sale. Designer Kim Myles advises the teams as they makeover a space in their homes - a master bedroom, a loft living and dining area, and a child's bedroom. The Yard Sale is where they'll find the goods to create their dream spaces. At the end of their two-day bargain shopping spree, expert appraiser Elyse Luray determines which team got the most value for their purchases. The winner gets $1,000 to go towards their makeover. Along the way there are crazy speed challenges designed to help the shoppers sharpen their bargaining skills and win even more cash. The Yard Sale is an annual event that runs along Highway 127?it spans 675 miles through six states.