Lavish Master Suite Revamp

Episode HDDD-205H

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  • January 07, 2014

    6:30 AM e/p

Chas and John Mulloy have five children, and over the years they've managed to decorate all their children's rooms, but they've neglected their master suite, which seems bare and lacks a lived-in feeling. Now they want to focus on their own space, and they call upon Donna to create a lavish sanctuary. In the bedroom, Donna brings in a new master bed featuring an ornately carved wooden headboard and footboard, and above it she hangs a large wrought iron chandelier dripping with enormous pear-shaped crystals. On a wall that was previously featureless and bare, Donna installs a new gas fireplace and has custom furniture maker Nelson Nelson adorn it with a majestic carved wood mantel and surround. On the other side of the bedroom, beside a bank of floor-to-ceiling windows, Donna turns an awkward, little-used alcove into a dramatic sitting area with architectural columns framing the entry and lush draperies surrounding the windows. A unique geode lamp sits atop an ornate circular side table between a pair of majestic leather chairs. In the master bath, Donna completely rearranges the layout. She re-orients the bathtub, enveloping it in a lavish surround of marble and glass tile. On one side, where the glass shower once crowded the tub, she builds a wall that houses a fireplace, essentially turning the tub into a hearth. The fireplace is surrounded by a shapely carved stone jamb, mantel and over-mantel. Hidden behind the fireplace is a gorgeous new stone tile enclosure for the shower, replacing the old glass enclosure that afforded no privacy at all. New cabinetry, marble countertops, and a faux-painted vaulted ceiling complete the remarkable transformation of the space. Another client has a new baby girl and she wants to create a lively and stimulating environment in the baby's nursery, but on a budget. Donna and Ashley create a garden theme in the nursery, applying a stylized tree applique to one wall, and populating the branches of the tree with colorful and whimsical paste-on figures of birds and flowers. They adorn the sunshine yellow walls with wire sculptures of sparkly butterflies and dragons, and for a final little-girl touch, they hang from the ceiling a dainty chandelier with pink crystals.