Donna and the girls get creative making Christmas decorations.

Episode HDDD-114H

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It's Donna's year to put on the family Christmas at her house, and she's going all out with the decorations. To start, Donna, Tiffany and Ashley go shopping at Dallas' World Trade Center and come away with a stunning nativity scene, an enormous Santa and a host of festive elves and fairies. In addition to adorning the house with classic wreaths and garlands and two fully decked-out trees, Donna and the girls handcraft tree ornaments using Styrofoam balls, animal print fabric, fringed trim and crystals. Donna also makes scented candles in decorated cocktail glasses. Plus, a family friend of the Mosses has had a rough year with health problems, and Donna, Tiffany and Ashley make a tabletop Christmas decoration to give the family. They also deliver and decorate a Christmas tree for them.