Bobbie and Anthony's Family Room

Episode HDIVD-1611TL

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Bobbie and Anthony met when she was starring in a film and he was her hairstylist. They fell in love and when the film wrapped, he moved to LA to be with her. But, a few years after getting married they were disillusioned with the LA lifestyle, so they packed up and moved to the jungle! Bobbie and Anthony bought a secluded property in Costa Rica and built a small boutique hotel, working together and learning a lot along the way! They loved the experience, but after four years of working 7 days a week in the tropical heat, they decided to move closer to Anthony's family. Now, Anthony grew up seeing four seasons change. But Bobbie was raised in South Carolina, lived in LA, and then in Costa Rica, and has only seen snow in the movies. They are completely renovating a house in the area where Anthony grew up, and Bobbie has no idea how to decorate for a place where you need a furnace and windows! They're looking forward to settling in, seeing snow, and making a cozy family room, but they need help with the details. And Candice wants them to have the perfect space before Bobbie's too cold to enjoy it!