Creative and Inspirational Home Offices

Don't let your home office become drab and uninspiring. Whether playful and vibrant or modern and edgy, these home offices have personal flair that provides just the right inspirational boost.

By: Brenna Elrod
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This room exudes freshness, beginning with the light flooding through the windows. Cream wallpaper takes inspiration from nature with a muted tree print that really comes to life when echoed in the sculptural desk lamp.

Graphic Elements

Graphic letters in varied sizes provide instant inspiration for this home office. Wide molding along the walls provides display space for favorite objects. The gray and white color palette receives added kick from a purple ottoman, an animal-print pillow and a white faux-fur rug. Design by RMS user Smoodgie.

Warm Glow

Location is paramount for inspiration in this home office. The desk faces the window wall, taking maximum advantage of the vibrant outdoor views. A deep, caramel-colored sofa adds to the richness of the room and provides a cozy seating area with stunning views. Deep, neutral tones are used throughout the office giving an overall feeling of luxury. Design by Troy Beasley.
From: Troy Beasley

Art Focus

Art provides the inspiration in this home office. Modern sculptures rest on the desk and credenza, while an abstract painting takes on a more traditional role in an ornate frame. A neutral color palette of taupe and gray gives the room a natural, sophisticated air. Design by Troy Beasley.
From: Troy Beasley

World of Work

This office centers around the stock market, but also shines through with personal flair. Caramel, textured walls add warmth to the space, while a wall niche with a tufted backdrop and exotic pillows provides a cozy spot for resting up before the next bell rings. Design by Christopher Grubb.

Den of Inspiration

There is no better recipe for inspiration than to surround yourself with the things you love. In this case, the focus is hunting dogs and traditional furnishings. The feel of a den is enhanced by using rustic pine paneling, upholstery in rich leathers and plaids and an executive desk. Design by RMS user Cynthia A1.

Inspired Order

An organized office is often an inspirational one. Here multiple bulletin boards are a great way to get everything away from and off the desk. A brown and cream color palette creates a soothing amount of contrast, and overhead shelving creates space for stowing away more private items. Design by Erica Islas.

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