Media Storage at Its Finest

Check out some beautiful media cabinets and entertainment centers from HGTV's Designers' Portfolio.
By: Jacquelyn McGilvray

Photo By: Scott Mayoral

Media Closet

This generously-sized family room was reduced by five feet in order to create a narrow closet in which to store media equipment. The door on the right leads into the closet giving the homeowners easy access to the back of their media cabinet. Design by Annie Speck.

Framed Entertainment

To blend modern technology with classic arts-and-crafts style, the flat-panel TV is mounted in a wood frame so it matches the fireplace and cabinets. Design by Bonnie Sachs.

Traditional Elegance

This traditional-style cabinet with its rich wood finish stands in wonderful contrast to the high-tech components that it proudly houses. Design by Phillip Greenberg.

Hidden From View

The integrated wall cabinets provide plenty of space for a large screen TV and keepsake display. Closed cabinets underneath keep components hidden. Design by Christopher J. Grubb. Photo by Scott Mayoral.

Shelving Unit

This handsome cabinet with its warm-tone finish and crown molding top is the focal point of this room. Recessed-panel doors hide the TV when not in use and the illuminated side shelves display artwork and keepsakes. Design by Dan Heldenbrand.

A Wall of Fun

A long media cabinet spans across the wall to provide sleek storage for media components. The neutral background colors allow for an easy and inexpensive change in accessories when a fresh look is desired. Design by Christopher J. Grubb. Photo by Scott Mayoral.

Shelves and Cabinets

A recessed wall cabinet with upper shelves and lower cabinets saves space and adds dimension to the space. Design by Kim Smart. Photo by Cynthia MacDonald.

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