Custom Dining Room Buffet

Create a custom serving buffet from an old dining room table in just a few simple steps.

Blue Buffet Table

Blue Buffet Table and Blue Artwork

Create a custom serving buffet from an old dining room table in just a few simple steps.

Materials Needed:

  • wooden dining room table
  • table saw
  • orbital sander
  • medium-grit sanding pads
  • extension cord
  • pencil
  • level
  • tape measure
  • 1" angled paint brush
  • paint roller
  • roller pad
  • paint pan
  • pan liner
  • gallon of primer
  • gallon of porch and deck paint
  • gallon of floor sealer
  • drill
  • wood screws
  • 1x2 trim
  • damp cloth

Choose Proper Table

To choose proper table, focus on width and height. Depth is not important since table will be customized with new depth.

Measure and Mark Dining Room Wall

Use tape measure to determine proper width and height of serving buffet. Mark measurements on wall with pencil and level. Jot dimensions down for reference.

Antique Dining Table

Antique Wood Dining Table

Cut to Size

Use tape measure to determine where to cut, mark a straight line along the top using a pencil and the level. With help of a friend, guide the table through the table saw along marked line.

Sawing Table in Half

Sawing Dining Table in Half

Remove Existing Finish

Use orbital sander with medium-grit sanding pads to remove finish in smooth, controlled manner. Wipe dust from table with damp cloth.

Sanding Wood

Sanding Wood With Orbital Sander

Add New Finish

Pour primer into paint pan liner, then use a paint roller to apply a single coat of primer to piece. Paint any remaining areas with one-inch-angled paint brush. Let dry. Replace paint pan with new liner, then pour porch and deck paint into pan. Use a paint roller to apply two even coats. Let dry. Replace paint pan with new liner, then pour floor sealer into the new liner. Use paint roller to apply a single coat. Tip: Keep paint brush nearby to brush out any air bubbles.

Create and Install Wall Cleat

Using a table saw, cut 1x2 trim approximately two inches shorter than width of table. Hold 1x2 trim below the height line marked on wall with pencil. Fasten 1x2 to wall with wood screws using drill.

Drilling Pilot Holes

Drilling Pilot Holes in Wall Cleat

Attach Buffet to Cleat

Slide buffet into place laying bottom of table on top of cleat. Fasten table to cleat by drilling wood screw through cleat and into table from underneath using drill. Allow 24 hours for sealer to dry before placing objects on serving buffet.

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