Create a Bold Dining Room With Wallpaper

Serve up an extra helping of eye candy with bold, graphic wallpaper on dining room walls.
Contemporary Dining Room With Graphic Wallpaper

Contemporary Dining Room With Graphic Wallpaper

Materials Needed:

  • boldly patterned wallpaper
  • 6' straight edge
  • pencil
  • utility knife
  • tape measure
  • wallpaper paste
  • wall covering primer
  • paint roller
  • roller pad
  • paint pan
  • spackle knife
  • spackle
  • sanding block
  • drop cloth
  • bucket
  • sponge
  • warm water
  • paint brush
  • seam roller
  • wallpaper smoother

Create a Smooth Wall Surface

Comb wall surface with spackle knife to loosen up paint build-up or bumps. Fill nail holes with spackle and spackle knife. Once spackle has dried, sand with sanding block. Wipe entire wall with sponge dipped in warm water.

Prime Walls

Pour wallcovering primer into paint pan. Slide on roller pad, then attach extender pole to roller handle. Coat roller pad with wall covering primer by dipping into pan. Apply primer to walls in an even, controlled manner.

Cut Wallpaper to Size

Measure wall surfaces deducting crown molding or baseboards from overall dimension. Refer to manufacturer instructions to identify "drop" and "repeat" of pattern. Roll wallpaper out on flat, level surface with pattern facing up. Lay strips side-by-side, assuring a perfect pattern match with each strip. Add an additional four inches to overall measurements to account for waste. Use a six-foot straight edge and pencil to mark a top and bottom point for each strip of wallpaper. Cut along pencil mark using a utility knife.

Add Wallpaper Paste

Protect area with drop cloth. Place each strip of wallpaper on flat surface with back side facing up. Pour wallpaper paste into paint pan, slide roller pad onto roller handle, then dip roller into pan. Coat each strip of paper by rolling on a generous amount of paste. Book each strip of wallpaper by folding each end over and into the middle. Allow five to 10 minutes for paste to set.

Apply Wallpaper Paste

Apply Wallpaper Paste

Match Repeat Wall

Apply each pasted panel to the wall assuring pattern matches up. Once in place, remove any air bubbles or wrinkles with wallpaper smoother, then assure perfectly straight seams with a seam roller.

Use a Seam Roller for Straight Seams

Use a Seam Roller for Straight Seams

Cut Away Excess

Cut away excess wallpaper with utility knife by pressing down along corners, tops of baseboards, bottoms of crown molding and/or where wall and ceiling meet. Add hot water to bucket, dip large sponge in water and thoroughly wipe paste residue from surface of wallpaper. Add hot water to bucket, dip large sponge in water and thoroughly wipe paste residue from surface of wallpaper.

Cut Away Excess Wallpaper

Cut Away Excess Wallpaper

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