Invite Spring Into the Kitchen

Invite spring into your kitchen with these fun ideas and step-by-step instructions.


Nothing says spring like flowers. For this kitchen, the inspiration comes from right outside the door — fresh and fragrant flowers.

Spring blooms transplanted into various mugs, simple artwork for the walls and a shelf to display plates while holding a fabric topper complete the kitchen for the new season.



Kitchen Shelf

Give your rooms structure. Add height and color above a window with a simple shelf.

Materials and Tools:

1"x6"x8' pine board
quarter round
3/4" shelf cap
wood glue
nail gun (or hammer and finish nails)
220-grit sandpaper
tack cloth or rags
wood filler
featured plates (Crate & Barrel)


1. Cut board to desired length. Cut shelf cap to the same length and attach it to the front of the board using wood glue and finish nails about every two inches.

2. Attach quarter round cut to the same length as the board to the top of it (two inches from the back) in the same manner.

3. Sand shelf and remove dust with tack cloth or damp rag. Fill nail holes and sand once dry.

4. Prime, and then paint to coordinate with the window trim once dry. Let dry.

5. Pre-drill a few holes and attach secure it to the top of the window trim using wood screws.



Message Board

Get the entire family organized with a stylish message board.

Materials and Tools:

homasote board
mat knife
fabric (Colburn Woodrose #5047188, Sabada Geranium #7561350, Barberry Red thread #3978517) — Jo-Ann, ETC.
staple gun
construction adhesive
1/4" plywood
nails or hook-and-loop sticky-back tabs


1. Measure location for message board, and then divide the area by three to determine the number of panels to create across and down plus the size of each panel. The featured project has 12 boards, three across and four down.

2. To make the individual panels, measure the desired size of homasote and cut it out using a mat knife to score both sides. Once scored, the board will snap with a clean line.

3. Cut fabric squares about three inches larger on all sides than the boards. Staple it in place on the back sides, cutting the excess off the corners and folding it like a present. Note: Be sure the fabric pattern lines up on each front before securing it. Mark the direction of each so they're installed properly.

4. Cut the plywood to the initial dimensions. Apply the individual boards to the front using construction adhesive according to the manufacturer's instructions.

5. Mount using nails or hook-and-loop tape.



Painted Canvases

Add a punch of color for spring with brightly painted canvases.

Materials and Tools:

1"x2" pine
corner brackets
wood screws
finish nails
staple gun
duck cloth or canvas


1. For each frame, cut two pieces of pine to 15-inch lengths and two 11 inches long. Attach using corner brackets.

2. Cut duck cloth 18 inches square for each frame. Place canvas right side down on a flat surface and center frame over the back. Fold the canvas over the frame and staple it in place, starting in the middle and working your way to each corner. Cut excess at each corner and fold it neatly before stapling it into position.

3. Paint each square as desired and let dry.

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