Kids' Playroom Design Ideas

Don't have an extra room to devote to a full-time playroom? Check out these fun solutions for adding a play area into your kid's bedroom.
By: Chelsey Bowen and Briana Mowrey

Photo By: Courtesy of IKEA

Photo By: Courtesy of

Classics Reimagined

Surprise! The neon-colored works of art in this toddler's room are actually modern interpretations of rocking horses! They're low to the ground, so your little one won't get hurt, and when they're not in use, they add a sculptural element to the space. Photo courtesy of Kalon

Fun Floor

Sure, a good play space has plenty of seating, but sometimes kids just want to take to the floor to color or read. The pattern here embues the space with energy, but is sophisticated enough that kids won't easily outgrow it. Photo courtesy of Serena & Lily

Hidden Bed

The whole bedroom can be a playroom if you choose a unique layout. With a bed cleverly tucked under "trap doors" in the floor, there's plenty of extra space for ladders and toys. Photo courtesy of live from IKEA FAMILY

Take a Seat

Designed by Brian Patrick Flynn, this small, shared kids' room in a Brooklyn apartment still has plenty of square footage for activities. Thanks to bunk beds and cabinets that utilize vertical space for toy storage, the floor is clear enough to fit two small chairs and a table.

Tea for Two

Sometimes it's just a matter of scale. Your toddler can throw tea parties for her stuffed animals as long as the table and chairs are child-sized, as they are in this bedroom, designed by Brian Patrick Flynn.

Moving On Up

It's true that bunk or lofted beds free up floor space for play, but why not incorporate them into the adventure? This lofted bed area has a fun lookout and rope ladder. Photo courtesy of live from IKEA FAMILY

Do It Up With Decals

Temporary wall decals can be a whimsical way to divide a room into sections. The pretty flowers and pink play furniture here may inspire hours of imagination and daydreaming. Photo courtesy of Sissy Little

Open Wide

In a kid's room, push the furniture to the walls to create ample floor space for playing. Designer Randy Weinstein also uses beanbag seating and a colorful area rug to add softness to the play area.

Charming Furniture

Encourage the future chef or movie star in your family with fun furnishings. Designer Vanessa DeLeon creates a tiny suite for one little girl, complete with her own kitchenette and dressing table.

Look Down

Loft-style beds allow for plenty of play area below. Designer Erica Islas creates a play cave with contemporary white lacquer beds, while still providing ample storage with drawers and useful stair cubbies.

Instant Playroom

Flexibility is key in this space. Open the sliding wall to create a continuous play space between a shared girls' bedroom and the playroom or close it up for privacy. Bubble chairs add a functional yet whimsical element to the room. Design by Randy Weinstein.

In My Own Little Corner

A cozy reading and play nook is as easy as adding a kid-sized chair and colorful shelf in the corner of the bedroom. Designers Jaymes Richardson and Don Raney amp up their play corner with a shelf that doubles as a dollhouse.

Colorful Storage

Go vertical to create more room for playing. Even in a small room, RMSer restyle creates a play area for her four-year-old son by storing books, toys and art supplies in a tall open shelf. Kid-sized table and chairs complete the space.

For Book Lovers

Soft, fun seating, like the domino pillow in this Genevieve Gorder design, is essential for every kid play area. She also takes full advantage of the built-in window seat by adding shallow book shelves to display and store favorite books — the ideal reading nook.

Play Tent

Add a touch of whimsy by giving your child her very own tent. This tent from Land of Nod is tall and narrow so that it doesn't take up the entire room, but still perfectly sized for a few little ones to play. Design by RMSer lauramck05.