Easy Vinyl Wall Graphic

Personalize your bedroom by applying a vinyl graphic to the wall above your headboard. They're easy to work with, inexpensive and come in a wide variety of colors and fonts.
Shutter Headboard

Shutter Headboard

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Materials Needed:

  • vinyl wall graphic (graphic shown is from www.leenthegraphicsqueen.com)
  • credit card or driver's license (for burnishing)
  • painter's tape
  • measuring tape

Tape Graphic to Wall

Use painter's tape to secure graphic to the wall as close to the correct position as possible.

Vinyl Graphic Step 1

Vinyl Graphic Step 1

Measure First Letter

Measure the wall space between the top of the headboard and the bottom of the first letter in the graphic.

Vinyl Graphic Step 2

Vinyl Graphic Step 2

Measure Last Letter

Measure the wall space between the top of the headboard and the bottom of the last letter in the graphic. Make sure it's the same measurement as the first letter, and reposition the painter's tape if necessary.

Step 3: Measuring the Vinyl Graphic

Step 3: Measuring the Vinyl Graphic

Measure Middle Letter

Check the measurement in the middle of the graphic to make sure the entire graphic is sitting at the same level all the way across.

Vinyl Graphic Step 4

Vinyl Graphic Step 4

Burnish Graphic

Use a credit card or driver's license to burnish the entire graphic. Rub firmly on each letter so that they will all release from the paper backing properly.

Vinyl Graphic Step 5

Vinyl Graphic Step 5

Remove Paper Backing

Place one hand on the painter's tape at the beginning of the graphic (to hold it in place), and use the other hand to remove the paper backing from the bottom of the graphic. Go slowly, pulling the backing at a sharp angle. Tip: If parts of the graphic won't let go of the backing, continue to burnish those parts until they do.

Vinyl Graphic Step 6

Vinyl Graphic Step 6

Adhere Graphic to Wall

Once the backing has been completely removed, slowly press the graphic to the wall, from one end to the other. Smooth out air bubbles as they occur with the credit card or driver's license.

Vinyl Graphic Step 7

Vinyl Graphic Step 7

Remove Paper Front

Remove the paper on top of the graphic by pulling it at a sharp angle. Go slow, and if a letter doesn't want to let go, use the credit card or driver's license to continue burnishing it until it does.

Vinyl Graphic Step 8

Vinyl Graphic Step 8

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