Soaking in the Twilight

This contemporary bathroom, done in deep purple and wood tones, features a curved wall that adds architectural interest to the space and brings a feeling of warmth through the addition of a natural material.

Soaking in the Twilight

In this contemporary bathroom, a curved wooden front covers an existing wall. The curved structure creates a recess and makes room for a flat surface to mount a mirror and a faucet.

Soaking in the Twilight

The mirror reflection of the chrome fittings creates a sculptural element and an interesting side profile.

Soaking in the Twilight

The double-recessed adjustable light fixture above the vanity, and LED strip lighting in the wood cove detail, provide clear illumination and warmth.

Soaking in the Twilight

A vertical band of mirror visually expands the space and reflects light from the window. Other key features in this bath include a sleek wall-mounted toilet and floating vanity.

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