Rising from the Ashes

Like the mythical Phoenix, the legendary bird that rose from its own ashes, this beautiful and eclectic powder room symbolizes transformation and rejuvenation.

Photo By: NKBA

Rising from the Ashes

After a devastating fire that destroyed the client's home, some materials were retrieved from the embers and incorporated into this reconstructed half bath. Items salvaged from the ruins — tile, wall sconces and a ceiling pendant — informed the inspiration for the new design in this powder room renaissance.

Rising from the Ashes

Golden Sienna Travertine mosaics on the feature wall convey a warm, antiquated look. Floating Mascarello granite countertop and dazzling mica and quartz complement the simpler elements in the space.

Rising from the Ashes

The remaining walls and ceiling are finished in textured Venetian plaster, and the decorative details offer a counterbalance of sophistication to the room's rustic quality.

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