Mirrors for His-and-Hers Bathrooms

His-and-hers bathrooms don't have to compromise style. These six mirrors for his-and-hers bathrooms are a harmonious marriage of substance and style.

Photo By: Copyright 2006 David Young-Wolff

Photo By: 1996-98 AccuSoft Inc., All rights reserved

Square Pegs

In this bathroom, the windows act as frames for the unusual square mirrors.

Not So Rough Around the Edges

Paired with light green walls, these oval mirrors add to a spa-like retreat that both sexes can enjoy.

Comfortable Cottage

Sophisticated lighting, white cabinetry and unassuming mirrors create a cozy, cottage-style master bath.
From: Drury Design

Gender Neutral

Sleek, rectangular mirrors and recessed lighting add to the ultra-modern look of this shared bathroom.

Frame of Mind

By framing these windows in bright white they stand out against a dark-blue backdrop.
From: Drury Design

Masculine Chic

Positioning the mirrors at the top of the white wainscoting allows this bath's lovely view to stay prominent.

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