Dramatic Asian Flair

Blending both Asian and contemporary themes, this Asian-inspired powder room creates a glittering sense of drama and an alluring atmosphere within a small space.

Dramatic Asian Flair

The ochre wall is designed with carefully placed niches that display decorative accents and collectibles. The wall also serves to conceal the venting system and provides visual backdrop for the free-standing vanity.

Dramatic Asian Flair

A curved mirror with a Asian-inspired wood frame is the backdrop for a stunning arced onyx sink with gold fixtures. In the soft illumination provided by gold-leaf pendant lighting, the sink appears to glow. Behind the vanity, an impressive expanse of tile gleams in deep hues of ebony, gold and dark brown.

Dramatic Asian Flair

The room's highlights include this recess with frosted glass and an elegant black pocket door with Shoji-style panels.

Dramatic Asian Flair

The natural stone floor in dark tones with metallic gold sparkles provides a striking foundation for this extraordinary room. The meticulously planned space, with Asian-inspired glamor and sophisticated design is certain to impress.

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