Build a Towel Ladder for Bathroom Storage

A mahogany bath ladder adds storage without taking up a lot of space.


Mahogany is naturally water resistant so it is a great choice for bathroom furniture.

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Tools and Materials:

1/4” sheet of plywood to make a template
five 8-foot strips of 1x3 mahogany
3/4” mahogany plywood
pin nailer and 1-3/8” pin nails
wood glue
screw gun, 3” and 1-1/2”pocket screws
sander and sand paper
screw gun and a pocket jig
wood putty
polyurethane, paint brushes and rags
table saw, miter saw and a router
speed square and measuring tape
guided circular saw
drill bit


1. Cut the frame pieces to size from the 1x3 mahogany. Cut two pieces 12 inches long for the bottom base and cut two pieces 66 inches long for the back vertical support.

2. To create the front, angled pieces you'll need to create a template. Lay the 1/4” plywood on a work surface. Place one of the back pieces, wide-side down on the plywood. Set one of the base pieces at a right angle over the back piece at the very bottom so that they overlap. You may want to place an extra scrap wood underneath the base piece for support. Don't fasten the pieces together yet. Draw a line from the bottom of the base piece to the top of the back piece. This will give you the correct angle and length for the front pieces.

3. Cut the angled pieces to length from the 1x3 mahogany boards. Mark where the pieces meet each other on the base and on the back pieces. Using a guided circular saw, cut the angled pieces so they meet the back and base pieces.



4. Ensure that the pieces are square and use wood glue and 1-3/8” pin nails to secure the base to the back and angled pieces at the bottom of the unit.

5. Secure the angled pieces to the back pieces with wood glue. Drill two pocket holes and sink 3” screws through the back. Use the remnant from the angled piece to clamp the pieces together while the glue dries.

6. Cut four ledger strips from the 3/4” mahogany, two at 8 inches and two at 6-1/2”. Bevel cut one end on of each ledgers. Using a table saw, cut two shelves from the 3/4” mahogany one at 8-1/2” x 34” and the other at 7” x 34”.



7. Lay the ladder frame on a work surface to attach the ledger strips. Place the larger ledger 18 inches from the bottom of the unit and the smaller ledgers 36 inches from the bottom. Use wood glue and 1-3/8” pin nails to attach the ledgers. Lay the shelves on top of the ledgers.

8. For the towel rungs, cut two 34” long pieces from the 1x3 mahogany. Using a pocket jig, drill pocket holes on one side of the width of the bar. Use a router to smooth out the edges of the rungs.



9. Use 1-1/2” pocket screws to attach the rungs. Place one at 50 inches from the bottom and the other 65 inches from the bottom.

10. Fill nail holes and gaps with wood putty. Sand any rough spots and seal the entire piece with polyurethane.

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