Fab Midcentury Design From Palm Springs Modernism Week

Once a year, the swinging era is celebrated with fabulous displays of midcentury design, architecture, art and culture. Check out some of our favorite houses and exhibitors featured during this event.
By: Lisa Johnson Mandell

Photo By: Tara Wujcik Photography

Photo By: Tara Wujcik Photography

Photo By: Tara Wujcik Photography

Photo By: Tara Wujcik Photography

Palm Springs Modernism Week: Skuris/DeCancio House Living Room

The Skuris/DeCancio House was renovated in 2006-2007 by architect and designer Philip DeCancio, one of the current homeowners. He was careful to preserve the home's midcentury modern style.

Palm Springs Modernism Week: Siva House Patio

The Siva House, designed in 1959 by Hugh M. Kaptur, is a popular stop on one of several home tours that take you behind closed doors of private homes that exemplify midcentury modern design, during Palm Springs Modernism Week.

Palm Springs Modernism Week: Siva House Pool

Popular mid-modernist architect Albert Frey designed additions to the Siva House, including the infinity pool, one of the first of its kind in the desert.

Palm Springs Modernism Week: Siva House Interior

Siva House owners Mark and Liz Ostoich, collectors at heart, have cobbled together a home popping with midcentury furnishings and art. They've been known to open their home to period enthusiasts during Palm Springs Modernism Week.

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