Lush Lowcountry Walkway

Tucked away on Daniel Island, S.C., this idyllic home captures the lush beauty of the surrounding Lowcountry. A stone path guides visitors through ornamental grasses and colorful shrubs, while also setting a leisurely tone.

From: J.R. Kramer

Photo By: Patrick Brickman

Photo By: Patrick Brickman

Photo By: Patrick Brickman

Photo By: Patrick Brickman

Photo By: Patrick Brickman

Photo By: Patrick Brickman

Photo By: Patrick Brickman

Photo By: Patrick Brickman

Walkway Leads to Charming, Contemporary Home

Giant slabs of concrete filled in with gravel in between forms a long walkway to the home's entry.

Gorgeous, Contemporary Home With Curb Appeal

The long walkway leading to the home's front entry features large concrete pavers that curve around the well-maintained landscape.

Contemporary Home With Curb Appeal

Shrubs, ornamental grasses and an agave plant fill the front landscape, adding lovely curb appeal to the home.

Contemporary Front Walkway

Concrete steps surrounded by gravel and lined with bright green shrubs and grasses lead the way to the home's front entrance.

Front Entry to Contemporary Home

Surrounded by a beautiful landscape of shrubs and grasses, the home's front entry boasts striking curb appeal.

Ornamental Grasses and Agave Plant

Flowing grasses in shades of green and pink cover the landscape, and an agave plant centers the landscape to add texture and interest to the design.

Contemporary Landscape and Hardscape Design

Concrete retaining walls keep the plants separate to help showcase their individual beauty and to not overwhelm the landscape with the variety of shrubs, flowers and grasses.

Geometric, Contemporary Walkway

Concrete pavers in various sizes come together with gravel to form the front walkway. Ornamental grasses and shrubs surround the pathway to complete the stylish, contemporary design.

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