• March 5

    Monthly Chore

    Unplug your electronics, and use an electrostatic cloth to wipe all surfaces, front, back, underneath and especially the vents. Once a month, spray compressed air into all crevices of keyboards and desk drawers.

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  • March 9

    Change Storm Windows

    Take down, clean and store storm windows for the season. Before you install screens for summer, inspect and repair any tears or holes. Install your screens, and treat yourself to an early glass of lemonade.

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  • March 21

    Clean Out That Oven

    Run the self-cleaning cycle today and wipe off the door as needed. Remove plastic knobs to be sure the heat won't warp them. If you have a non-self-cleaning oven, use an oven cleaner, a stiff brush and thick gloves. Never use abrasives and above all, be sure to open a window.

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  • March 25

    Time to Detail the Car

    Winter's muddy feet and road salts wreak havoc on the family car, which is probably also home to stray mittens and who knows what else by now. Besides washing it this week, make time for a thorough clean-out and detailing, including shampooing the floor mats.

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