21 Picture-Perfect Pergolas

Pretty up your garden space with a pergola.

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Photo By: Image courtesy of Adam Miller

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Wisteria-Covered Pergola

This pergola was crafted with a strong framework to support the weight of this vigorous wisteria plant.

Fragrant Climbing Vine Covers Wooden Pergola

Wide timbers were used to build this pergola that hangs over a large terraced area. It hangs full of fragrant jasmine vine, creating an outdoor room to enjoy.

Modern Pergola

This modern pergola with metal beams creates dramatic shadows and would enhance a yard with a contemporary theme.

Pergola Pathway

A pergola offers a chance to decorate a pathway with lovely climbing plants.

Backyard Shade

HGTVGardens community member Mike shared this photo of a pergola he built. Notice the trellis to the left of the pergola in this backyard that also includes a custom-built bar.

Primitive Pergola Effective in Woody Corner

A wooded corner of this deck is shaded with trees and a rustic pergola made of simple timbers stained gray that complements the rustic setting.

Traditional Pergola Adds Timeless Appeal

Pergolas and garden structures are a simple and fast way of adding shade and traditional beauty to a backyard or patio.

Living Pergola Shades Outdoor Space

This living pergola shades the garden for reading on a bench or for enjoying the natural beauty of the setting.

Under Cover

This woven natural roof protects a dining area from the sun or elements, while allowing for air circulation and without making the space underneath too dark.

Simple Metal Canopy Ideal for Training Fruit Trees

A pergola made of simple metal hoops is just enough framework to train fruit trees as part of a garden design.

Roses Contrast with Blue Pergola

A red climbing rose complements the pale blue wooden pergola that shades the terrace in this garden design.

Bold Leaved Climber Scales Larger Pergola

The larger the pergola frame, the larger the climbing vine that can be grown on it, keeping the scale of the garden in check.

Pergola Offers Division in Outdoor Space

Crisscrossed overhead beams and closely spaced piers combine to help form a secluded and shaded seating area over an outdoor dining area. A brick wall and plants in raised beds create a division from the rest of the garden.

Modern Pergola Provides Support for Plants

This contemporary pergola provides support for climbing plants while still allowing light to filter through onto decking below.

Bougainvillea-Covered Pergola

Bougainvillea makes a dramatic statement when it is in full bloom and covering a pergola or archway.

Outdoor Patio With Wood Pergola and Lush Landscaping

Make the most of your outdoor space by working with the surroundings. The lines of this garden and structures are geometric closer to the house and become wavy and organic as the cultivated areas blend into the natural forest. Design by Juergen Partridge Limited

Pergolas Used to Support Plants and Provide Shade

A garden walkway is sheltered with a vine-covered pergola to become the focal point in this garden design.

Kitchen in the Sky

This clever layout by designer Adam Miller includes a cedar pergola and woodwork, black granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and stunning skyline views.

Narrow Brick Pergola Adds Depth to Small Garden

Pergolas with brick posts, or piers, are ideal for large gardens, where they can support substantial beams, rafters and heavy climbers. They link visually with brick walled houses, and offer greater permanence than less substantial ones.

Pergola Adds Interest to Woodland Path

This pergola casts relaxing shade across a brick path.

Relaxing Spot in Debi's Garden

HGTVGardens community member Debi shared this photo of her garden pergola, built by her husband.

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