Organize Your Mudroom With This DIY

With a little paint, fabric, and elbow grease, HGTV Magazine turned a plain armoire into a self-contained organization station!
By: Jessica Dodell-Feder

Photo By: Aaron Graubart

Photo By: Aaron Graubart

Photo By: Aaron Graubart

Photo By: Aaron Graubart

Photo By: Aaron Graubart

Photo By: Aaron Graubart

Photo By: Aaron Graubart

Photo By: Aaron Graubart

Photo By: Aaron Graubart

Photo By: Aaron Graubart

Photo By: Aaron Graubart

The Starter Piece

This unfinished armoire is meant for storing clothes in a bedroom, but with its sturdy doors, inside shelves, and roomy drawers, it makes a smart stand-in for an entryway mudroom. All this makeover needed was some functional accessories, like boxes and hooks, plus a fresh coat of paint and fabric panels. Shaker armoire in birch, $399,

Fabric Panels

Cut two pieces of fabric the same size as the door's recessed panels. Use a sponge brush to apply fabric Mod Podge around the edges to prevent fraying. Brush the Mod Podge onto the wood and stick on the fabric, smoothing out air bubbles with an old credit card. Let dry. Fabric: Cottage Gate linen, $26 per yard,; Mod Podge $7,

Mirror and Umbrella Stand

Hang the mirror from a 5/8-inch screw. Paint the umbrella stand the same blue as the armoire's exterior and let dry. Then hang it from two 1 1/4-inch screws about a foot from the bottom of the armoire. Mirror: Baroque, $17,; Umbrella Stand: Slimline, $25,

Hardware and Paint

Remove old hardware. Paint the armoire with semigloss latex. We chose two blues—darker for the exterior and pegboard, lighter for the interior. Attach new pulls and knobs. Dark Paint: Durango Blue by Ralph Lauren; Light Paint: Spanish Bluebell by Ralph Lauren; Knobs and Pulls: IMG 378 Classic Round knob, $5.50, Hickory Hardware Adorno pull, $4.50, both


Have the board cut at a hardware store so it's slightly smaller than the door, then paint it and let dry. Drill six shallow holes into the door—one in each corner and one on each side. (It may help to remove the door and lay it flat first.) Stack four washers over each hole. Set the board on top and secure with 3/4-inch screws. Place hooks and rods in the board's holes for tools and keys. Pegboard, Rod, and Hooks: Pegboard, $30, rod and hooks, from $3 each, both

Safety Supplies Drawer

Use a utensil organizer for flashlights, batteries, and candles.

Storage Boxes

For each box, cut three pieces of fabric—one to wrap around the box's sides, one for the bottom, and one for the lid. Adhere the fabric to the boxes following the instructions for the door panels. Fabric: Cottage Gate linen, $26 per yard,; Storage Boxes: Our Best Box, $4,

Canvas Organizer

Hang the organizer from two 3/4-inch screws. Fill the pockets with items you need at the ready, like takeout menus, dog leashes, and sunscreen. Canvas Organizer: Harper overdoor storage, $39,

Bag Holder

Center the rod and hooks at the back of the armoire, a few inches from the top. Mount with 1-inch screws, using hollow wall anchors for extra support. Rod and Hooks: Fintorp rod, $9, and hooks, $3 for a set of 5, both

Storage Tubs

Adjust the armoire's shelf so you can slide in bins for accessories underneath it. Attach a stick-on label to each bin. Galvanized ice bin, $17,; Sticker Labels: Fancy Shape custom 4" x 3" labels, $9 for a set of 8,

Tote Drawer

Roll up reusable shopping bags and stuff them in a sock divider. Drawer Organizers: Good Grips, $25, small slotted interlocking, $6, both

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