Chiminea Clay Outdoor Fireplace

Explore your options for a chiminea clay outdoor fireplace, and prepare to add a convenient, warm and welcoming fire feature to your external living space.

Mexican Chiminea

Mexican Chiminea

 This Mexican Chiminea, an outdoor fireplace, has an arched opening and tapers into a thing, cylindrical chimney.

©Dorling Kindersley Limited

Dorling Kindersley Limited

 This Mexican Chiminea, an outdoor fireplace, has an arched opening and tapers into a thing, cylindrical chimney.

By: Sean McEvoy

If you're ready to add a convenient, warm and welcoming fire feature to your outdoor living space, a chiminea (sometimes spelled "chimenea") clay outdoor fireplace may be just the solution you need. These simple, flexible and easy-to-use units are available from most home improvement stores and hardware retailers, and they can be set up and ready for use within minutes.

Before you begin your search for a chiminea outdoor fireplace, you'll want to identify the best location for a fire feature within your backyard or outdoor living space. The chief requirement will be safety—you'll want to ensure that whichever area you choose is completely free and clear of all low-hanging branches, shrubs, dry grass or any other potentially flammable elements. Additionally, if you decide to locate your chiminea on a deck or patio, you'll want to rest it on a flame-resistant mat to further guard against potential fire dangers. Lastly, always ensure you have a water source near any fire feature, in case of emergency.

Once you've determined the location of your chiminea, it's time to choose the style. Chimineas are available in a wide range of materials and styles, from traditional clay and metal to ceramic and stone. Clay chimineas are both widely available and reasonably affordable, and can be a great option due to their easy portability. All chimineas feature a similar design, with a large opening and main body for feeding and burning wood, and a short chimney stack for the expulsion of smoke and ash. Some chimineas may offer ancillary features like a grill or other cooking elements, allowing homeowners to experiment with various outdoor cooking techniques.

In addition to their potential cooking use, chimineas can produce tremendous warmth. Because of their unique design, they draw in significantly more oxygen than fire pits or outdoor fireplaces, and can therefore warm a larger outdoor space, often using less wood than other outdoor fire features. In terms of wood choices for use in your chiminea, there are very few limitations—almost any firewood will be effective, so long as it's dry. For cooking, many homeowners prefer types like hickory and apple, for the flavors they can impart to cooking food.

Whether you plan to use your clay outdoor chiminea for cooking or just as a source of warmth on cold nights in your outdoor living space, it's sure to provide hours of cozy and comfortable enjoyment with family and friends.

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