Etch and Stain a Diamond-Pattern Concrete Patio

Spruce up an old patio by cutting in grooves and painting it two tone.
Covered Patio With Colorful Drapes

Covered Patio With Colorful Drapes

Multicolored drapes and low-hanging lanterns offer a subtle romantic vibe to this covered patio, which features a grill and four-person dining table.

Tools and Materials:

chalk line, tape measure and pencil
grinder or circular saw with diamond wheel
2x4 board
painting supplies
safety glasses
spray bottle with water
2 gallons of concrete stain – light
1 gallon of concrete stain – dark




1. Wash the concrete. If the concrete is in decent shape, spray the entire surface with a garden hose and scrub with a push broom. For concrete with more stubborn stains, use a pressure washer. Let it dry completely.

2. Design your pattern. Our patio is already separated into square blocks by grooves (expansion joints), so we built off the existing squares by intersecting them with diamonds. To make the diamond shape, measure and mark the center of each side of the square. Snap a chalk line, connecting the center marks.

Staining Concrete

Staining Concrete

3. With a grinder or circular saw fitted with a concrete disc or diamond wheel, follow the lines cutting into the concrete approximately 1/8” deep. Use a long 2x4 as a guide to help keep the saw straight. Spray the blade with water as you cut to keep the dust down and to keep the blade from getting too hot.

4. Use a water hose to wash off all the concrete dust and particles. Allow the surface to dry completely.

5. Stain the concrete by rolling or brushing evenly. Be careful around the grooves, use painter’s tape to prevent colors from bleeding.

6. Let the stain dry completely and then cover with a concrete sealer.

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