Planting Strawberries

When to plant strawberries and how to prep for them during winter.


Q: Can strawberries be planted in the fall?

A: Strawberries are best planted in the spring, and for that reason most nurseries carry them only at that time. You can start preparing the strawberry bed this fall, however, by removing weeds and sod. Then add organic matter, such as rotted manure or compost, to the planting area. Cover with black plastic until planting time in the spring to eliminate weed growth so your newly planted strawberries will get off to the best possible start.

Popular Strawberry Varieties to Grow

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'Elegance' Strawberry

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Strawberry 'Quinalt'

Photo By: Courtesy of Park Seed

Strawberry 'Jewel'

Photo By: Courtesy of Park Seed

Strawberry 'Tristan'

Photo By: Courtesy of Bonnie Plants

Strawberry 'Tribute'

Photo By: Courtesy of Park Seed

Strawberry 'Allstar'

Photo By: Courtesy of Park Seed

'White Soul' Alpine Strawberry

Strawberry 'Earliglow'

Photo By: Courtesy of Park Seed

'Albion' Strawberry

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Strawberry 'Mara des Bois'

©2011, Dorling Kindersley Limited

'Sonata' June-Bearing Strawberry

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'Cambridge Favorite' Strawberry

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