More Beautiful Backyards From HGTV Fans

Check out these 5-star makeovers of outdoor spaces shared by readers.

A beautiful pergola, softened with climbing vines, shades this southwestern patio. Next, the view from inside the patio. Design by HGTV fan scott10.

A pleasing mix of gardening styles: a splash of green turf next to a Xeriscaped area. In the back, a pueblo-style ladder leans against the wall. Design by HGTV fan scott10.

Before: A major landscape design will require a tight fit — the narrow backyard is only 20 feet from patio to wall.

After: HGTV fan DesignerDeb2 and her husband managed to fit a tropical paradise into their narrow backyard. The lap pool is 35 feet long and only 8 feet wide in places.  

Before: The small patio could use some serious love. 

After: The small patio has been expanded, resurfaced and transformed into a comfortable outdoor living space. Design by HGTV fan Donna1943.

Before: The yard is a blank slate. 

After: Eleven years after the first plants were put in, HGTV fan Donna1943 and her husband enjoy a beautiful, mature backyard, with plenty of color and texture.

Before: Topography will determine the location of the patio in this Colorado backyard.

After: The 500-square-foot stone patio nestles on the hillside below the house. "On ... summer days the house provides shade by 6 pm for an enjoyable setting with golf entertainment below," writes HGTV fan Mtn-Livin.

A new cedar pergola, complete with fans, has created a comfortably cool place to relax on this patio, says HGTV fan edkat1.

Before: Rampant plant growth, including wisteria, has taken over this back porch.

After: Taming the plants reveals a beautiful sitting porch that has a view of the new backyard. Design by HGTV fan leylaj.

A beautiful pergola extends the outdoor living space in this backyard that was designed by HGTV fan rm04.

A view of HGTV fan tbooth32's backyard takes in five waterfalls, a stream and three connecting koi ponds.

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