Lawn Care: Identifying Your Lawn Problems

Is it trouble or just nature at work?
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Snow Mold

Snow mold fungi create dead and matted blades of grass and thrive in moist grass blanketed by a cover of snow or damp leaves.

Drought Damaged Lawn

Drought causes yellowish, strawlike patches; the whole lawn may be affected. Let the grass grow longer and leave cuttings on the lawn to reduce evaporation. Water or wait for rain.

Worm Casting

Left by earthworms, worm castings are small muddy mounds on the lawn in spring or fall. Though unpleasant, these are not damaging and are nutrient-rich.

English Daisy Weed

With English daisy, leave the rosettes if you like a daisy-spangled lawn. If not, dig out the roots by hand.

Puddles May Indicate Compacted Ground

Compacted soil contains little air and drains poorly, restricting plant growth. Puddles that remain after a hard rain, may indicate areas of compacted ground.

Mole Hill

Mole hills can be very unsightly. Ultrasonic devices or smoke in the tunnels may drive the moles away, but trapping and releasing them elsewhere is more likely to be effectively.

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