Romantic Garden Retreats

These secret hideouts offer the perfect spot to unwind and recharge.

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Photo By: Image courtesy of Daniels Wood Land

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Luxury Treehouse

Tree houses aren’t just for kids. A large tree house or garden room can offer a secluded retreat to find sanctuary or even be the perfect, quiet space for the home office.

Screened Hideout

Modern lifestyles leave little time to relax, but a modern gazebo might just offer the perfect retreat nestled in the garden to re-energize and unwind. After coming home, pour a glass of wine and head out to your sanctuary.

Living Tunnel

A canopy of vines and roses trained over steel arches forms a tunnel over a garden pathway creating a dramatic summer landscape.

Egg-Cellent Hiding Spot

An egg-cellent place to hide from the real world, this unusual chair offers a spot to breath and unwind. Even the Easter Bunny couldn’t find you in this secluded garden location!

Garden Guesthouse

With the right amount of space, you can create a quiet respite in the corner of the garden. Whether for you, your guests or your mother-in-law, a small house like this can offer peace whenever it is needed.

Royal Turret

A graceful turret in the corner of garden wall supplies a shady spot to relax and take in the bountiful blooms in this English cottage garden.

Vantage Point

The wooden pavilion is reminiscent of colorful gently curving roof supported by decorative panels. Inside, the comfortable wooden box seats, scattered with cushions, offer a lovely place from which to admire the garden.

A Bit of Garden Folly

Originally designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens and Gertrude Jekyll, the gardens at Hestercombe, England worked were designed a stone alcove and steps leading to the sunken garden, and is just one example of the symmetry, balance and proportion.

Build a Teepee

A colorful summer teepee creates a backyard summer playhouse for children to enjoy from spring through fall.

Garden Gazebo

A summer house or gazebo creates an indoor space separate from the main house. It can be used for a private retreat, office or studio space. It makes an excellent spot to enjoy the peacefulness of the backyard landscape.

Natural Pergola

This living pergola shades the garden for reading on a bench or for enjoying the natural beauty of the setting.

A Little Bit Country

This quaint treehouse features a tire swing, fireman's pole, ladder, lookout tower and net lounger for relaxing after all that swinging, sliding and climbing.

A Quick Dip

This breezy gazebo lets you go from pool to lounge chair in an instant.

Outdoor Room

The frame for a greenhouse provides definition for a charming outdoor room with a table, seating, lantern and plenty of containers to give the space definition and purpose.

Apartments Can Have Outdoor Rooms Too

This vibrant patio is a great escape from the city and has enough space to entertain friends and family.

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