Extreme Survivors: Plants for Exposed Places

These plants can handle heat, cold, wind—on roofs, balconies and high window ledges.
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Viburnum Produces Scented Blooms with Fall Berries

Viburnums are versatile shrubs with showy, often fragrant flowers followed by colorful berries and fall foliage. It is a shrub for a problem area, from dry, to wet, sunny, or shady.

Cytisus Nigricans or Broom Withstands Tough Sites

Cytisus nigricans, or broom, is a flowering deciduous shrub that has upright shoots and fan like leaves. Flowers are true yellow and present in late summer. It is highly tolerant of poor soils and great for slopes. Best in full sun.

Sea Buckthorn Produces Red Berries Through Winter

Hippophae rhamnoides, or sea buckthorn, is a fast growing deciduous thorny plant, excellent by the sea. Slender silvery leaves, masses of orange yellow berries in autumn which stay on bush all winter. Plant a male tree with a female tree.

Fan Palms Can Take Heat in Exposed Gardens

A fan palm can take the heat and drought as long as it is planted out of wind or frost.

Dwarf Santolina Produces masses of Summer Flowers

Santolina pinnata, subsp. neapolitana Sulphurea, has soft aromatic grey foliage that makes a superb low hedge, really effective in herb gardens. It has primrose yellow button flowers in summer with very bright and dense foliage.

Daisy Bush Blooms in Abundance from June Onward

Olearia haastii, or daisy bush, is an evergreen shrub with clusters of white, daisy like flowers with yellow centers in mid summer. This flowering hedge is suitable for coastal gardens, as it stands up well to strong winds and salt air.

Spanish Broom Bears Honey Scented Summer Flowers

Spanish broom, Spartium junceum, is a perennial shrub, with cylindrical rush like branches, and large, light yellow, honey scented, pea like flowers all summer long. Its stick like branches make it look like a broom, hence its nickname.

Tree Lupine Grows Quickly and Vigorously

Tree lupine, Lupinus arboreus, is a woody shrub that can reach approximately 7 feet tall. It is native to the coast of California where it grows on dunes and coastal bluffs. It bears showy yellow flowers that attracts butterflies.

Escallonia Features Upright Habit with White Bloom

For screening purposes or for use as a climber the evergreen, Escallonia is an ideal choice. It can also be grown as a bushy shrub, a container specimen and even has a place in the rockery or rock garden. It is a fast growing shrub.

Spurge Becomes Coral Colored in Fall Garden

Euphorbia polychroma, or spurge, is a popular perennial for spring display. Outstanding for its display of bright golden yellow flowers, over a perfect cushion of light green leaves. Excellent for edging, in a rock garden, or in containers.

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