Designer Doghouses for the Well-Heeled Canine

Innovative and inspirational approaches to traditional doggie digs.

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Photo By: Image courtesy of Mike Wakefield, Judson Beaumont, Straight Line Designs

Photo By: Image courtesy of Barbara Thulin of Decadent Digs

Photo By: Image courtesy of Slade Architecture

Photo By: Image courtesy of Barbara Thulin of Decadent Digs

Photo By: Photo: Le Petite Maison

Photo By: Image courtesy of Emily Tate Design

Photo By: Image courtesy of AOME Architects


Made of fiberglass and aluminum stainless steel, this streamlined home on wheels is the ideal getaway for the pooch who loves to road trip.


Give your pet the Hollywood superstar treatment with this luxurious poolside cabana fit for a canine prince or


An award-winning inspiration for any aspiring canine architect, this conical, sleekly designed doggie nest is made of laminated plywood and features a skylight for natural light.


A lush concoction of colorful velvets and plush, this unique bed tent comes with an Eiffel Tower-inspired top and is custom made for warmer climates where dogs sleep under the stars every night.


Does your pet dream of being a rescuer in the Swiss Alps? Bring the fantasy to life with this 35 square foot dog house reproduction of authentic Swiss architecture.


Like a traditional hound home, only bigger, Kobi's habitat combines a distinctive personal touch with an elegant simplicity in its design.

Canine Castle With a Moat

Originally designed and built for a "Barkitecture" fund raiser for the Humane Society of Seattle, this one-of-a-kind masterwork is made for the dog who would be king.

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