Create a Vibrant Family Garden

Find ways to make your garden fun for children with these easy design and project ideas.

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Grow Sunflowers

Children love the cheery faces and edible seeds of sunflowers, a great addition to any child's garden. Follow these steps for planting.

Add a Tree Swing

Nothing gives a child ownership of a yard and fun place to play like a tree swing built just for them. Follow these instructions to build your own.

A Fun Checkerboard Garden

What could be more conducive to children's games than this stylish and playful checkerboard garden you can plant yourself with these easy instructions.

Plant a Butterfly Garden

What child doesn't love the sight of butterflies in the garden? Plant these plants and flowers to attract these lovely pollinators.

Fairy Ring Illuminated with Painted Fairy Lanterns

A yard tailored to children doesn't have to mean just swing sets and kiddie pools. Creating a yard or garden children love is all about carving out special spaces where they can let their imaginations soar. This charming fairy ring you can plant yourself is one such project. These little girls are enjoying their homegrown fairy ring with their handmade fairy lanterns hanging from overhead tree branches.

Oversized Plants Help Create Giant Garden Design

Oversized plants in a garden delight children. They do not require huge amounts of space, and can actually make a small space look bigger if you know the right ones to choose. There are many varieties of these giant beauties in different colors and textures.

Think Swing

This modern swing set is definitely not off the shelf and adds the kind of style to the garden both children and adults can appreciate. Find out how to build one.

Playground Area in Garden is Fun for Family

Make garden versatile for children by adding an area just for them complete with play set, clubhouse and child friendly rubber mulch.

Landscaping for Children

This Connecticut garden was tailor-made for children. A charming playhouse is just the start. Find out how strawberry plants, a lush lawn for games, berry bushes and a butterfly and bird garden are all elements that make this kid-friendly garden work.

Consider a Playhouse

Nothing offers more hours of fun and delight in the garden than a playhouse where children can spend hours enjoying the great outdoors.

Make a Scarecrow

Not only do scarecrows keep birds out of a vegetable garden, for children they add a touch of fun and whimsy to the garden. Better still, children can help make a scarecrow for the garden with these easy instructions.

Plant a Snack Garden

Children are naturally fond of a garden that allows them to graze in their own yard. Involve them in planting a snack garden so they have some investment in what's growing and know what is safe to eat.

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