13 Window Box Design Ideas

Find inspiration for your own window box in one of these beautiful designs.
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Photo By: Image courtesy of Grandin Road

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Photo By: Williams-Sonoma at Williams-Sonoma.com

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Street-View Window Box

Luscious purple pops and adds great curb appeal to any street view window.

Amazing Window Boxes

It doesn't cost a dime but assures reams of inspiration for your own garden back home: a walking tour of almost any London neighborhood will yield ideas for your own containers and window boxes. The English excel at making any space, no matter how small, a visual garden delight.

Ivy Filler

Ivy is often an ideal cascading filler for a window box display.

Indoor Window Box Herbs

Create your own twist on traditional window boxes by mounting yours on the inside of a bright, sunny window. Many herbs grow well indoors, such as basil, sage, rosemary and thyme. For the most flavorful leaves, provide the brightest light you can.

Herbs Close By

Keep fresh herbs close at hand with a wooden window box filled with culinary favorites, like mint, cilantro, tricolor sage and spearmint. An edging of thyme alternating with silver thyme finishes the box with a flavorful flourish.

Colorful Petunias

Colorful petunias mix with painted shutters for a classic cottage-style window box garden.

Gorgeous Garage

Even the most neglected, functional spaces deserve a little garden color. Brighten up a garage or storage shed window with a window box.

Windowboxes on Outbuildings

This window box with moss filler brings a touch of elegance to an outbuilding.

Abundant Window Box

This overflowing spring/summer window box features supertunias, sweet potato vine, dusty miller and caladiums.

Boxwood Pyramids

Elegant boxwood pyramids, trailing ivy and white geraniums fill black metal window boxes on the front of a period house.

Petunia Window Box

Lilac petunias are beautifully set off against a crisp white backdrop.

Windowbox of Succulents and Bromeliads

Vivid shades and the interesting shapes of succulents and bromeliads add a distinctive look to this window box.

Window Box Wonder

A window box of 'Cool Wave Golden Yellow' pansies would brighten any outdoor space.

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Dainty, tasty alpine strawberries are the best choice for planting in a small container, like a window box or hanging basket.

Plant a Winter Window Box

A window box planted with hardy flowers and foliage offers a garden view when it's too cold to stay outside.

How to Make a Window Box Container Garden

Create a window box that will beautify the outside of your home and attract wildlife at the same time.

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From farmhouse to modern, learn what grid options work best with certain home styles.

Choosing Energy Efficient Windows for Your Home

Consider these four factors that can affect a window's performance.

How to Grow Edibles in Window Boxes

Discover tips and tricks for raising a harvest of herbs and vegetables in a window box.

Make a Window Box of Herbs and Lettuce

Growing herbs and salads in a window box provides a fresh supply close to the kitchen, and by making your own box, you can ensure it fits your space perfectly. All you need are some simple tools and a few basic carpentry skills.