Types of Mulch

Add mulch to your garden to help ensure healthy soil and a polished look.

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Organic Matter Ideal Mulch for Plants

Garden compost or well rotted manure is an ideal mulch because it aids plant growth, improves the soil, and help retain moisture. Reapply it every year.

Cocoa Shells Break Down to Enrich Soil

Cocoa shells are lightweight and easy to apply, plus they will break down, enriching the soil.

Gravel Mulch Preserves Moisture in Summer

Long lasting and inexpensive, gravel preserves moisture in summer and keeps standing water away from sensitive plants.

Decorative Mulch Ideal for Pots and Containers

Decorative mulch, such as colored glass, chips, and crushed seashells, are ideal for pots and containers. They reduce weeds and conserve moisture.

Porous Membrane Drastically Reduces Weeds

Weed membrane is laid down beneath mulches before planting to reduce weeds.

Bark Chips Break Down Slowly as Mulch

Popular bark chips are lightweight, organic, and weed suppressing.

Keep Garden Weed Free for Healthy Blooming Plants

Weeding and using weed suppressing fabric will keeps flowers healthy and garden beds weed free.

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