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Winter's Coming: When To Stop Mowing Your Lawn Dec 11, 2017

Itching to retire your lawn mower for winter? Learn when to stop cutting the grass.

10 Ways To Deal With Japanese Beetles Aug 15, 2017

Beat back Japanese beetles with a few of these strategies.

7 Shrubs for Shade Gardens 8 Photos

HGTV shares some of the best shrubs for shade gardens.

Peace Lily Care Tips: Give Peace a Chance 7 Photos

Find out HGTV's best tips for caring for your peace lily plant.

12 Spring Lawn Care Tips to Ensure a Beautiful Yard All Year Long 13 Photos

The lawn-care experts at HGTV share their spring to-do list for maintaining a lush, healthy lawn year-round.

The 6 Scariest Things About Being a Homeowner Oct 31, 2016

That feeling when something breaks and you can't call your landlord.

Create a Whimsical, Disney-Inspired Backyard 10 Photos

Make over your outdoor space using these ideas inspired by Disney Parks, cruises and animated classics from Transitions Lenses and HGTV.com.

How to Make Your Fall Lawn Look Just Like Wrigley Field Nov 8, 2016

Tips and insight from the manager of one of the most famous baseball fields in the country.

7 Things Beyond Basic Produce Millennials Are Planting Now Nov 14, 2017

Believe it or not, millennials do more than Snap, eat doughnuts and shop at Urban Outfitters. They're part of a new generation of gardeners.

25 Budget-Friendly Ideas for Small Outdoor Spaces 23 Photos

HGTV shows you cheap ways to decorate patios and porches.

25 Beautiful, Budget Ideas for Patios and Porches 25 Photos

HGTV shows ways to update your small outdoor spaces on a budget.

Make a Homemade Carpenter Bee Trap May 20, 2016

How to build a carpenter bee trap that will put an end to their destructive doings.

February To-Do List 38 Photos

Find out what garden tasks HGTV.com contributors are working on in February.

Why You Should Sow Wildflower Seeds This Winter Jan 11, 2017

Sowing wildflower seeds while there's snow on the ground lets nature do the work.

Clematis: A Shade Garden Superstar Feb 3, 2016

Short on sun? Browse the seemingly endless options for this woody blooming vine.

Build Your Own Carpenter Bee Trap 11 Photos

This trap featured on HGTV.com will keep carpenter bees from destroying your home.

Preventing Bulb Pests Feb 2, 2016

Ugh—slugs! They're just one of the garden pests that can attack your flowering bulbs. Learn how to identify them and fight back.

15 Clever Ways to Start Seeds 15 Photos

Try these easy, inexpensive ideas for starting seeds indoors and out, including a fun comic book seed-starting project perfect for kids.

Bring the Luck o' the Irish to Your Garden Feb 14, 2016

Follow these pointers to bring some Irish flair stateside.

Fun Facts About Garden Soil Mar 15, 2016

Dishing the dirt on the soil beneath your feet.

How to Organize Seeds May 16, 2016

Keep every seed in its place with one of these clever seed storage tricks.

Green Room: Keeping Critters Out with a Stylish Garden House May 19, 2016

Squirrels or other four-legged critters making a mess of your garden? See this example of a stylish screen house solution for keeping critters out of your garden on HGTV.

Planning Your Veggie Garden: Start from Seed or Seedling? May 16, 2016

Learn what to consider when making this important early step in planning your vegetable growing.

How to Grow a Shade Garden May 23, 2016

Follow these tips to grow a flourishing shade garden.

Save Your Green With Frugal Gardening Tips Feb 10, 2016

Does Gayla Trail know how to get a bargain? Heck, yeah!

Don’t Waste Those Fall Leaves: Mulch Them! Feb 12, 2016

Tips for turning those fall leaves into garden treasure.

Adding Color: Create a Wildflower Lawn May 23, 2016

Swap out your traditional lawn for a unique mini meadow, giving it a splash of color.

Lawn Patrol: Renovate or Redo Your Lawn Landscaping? Jan 2, 2018

How to decide whether to renovate a lawn or rip it out and start from bare dirt.

Helping Grass Survive the Summer Feb 12, 2016

Learn how to keep your lawn healthy when temperatures rise.