16 Beautiful Ways to Decorate With Houseplants

Design with plants inside, just like in the garden, with these great ideas for stylish houseplant decor.

Photo By: Casto Photography & Cinema

Photo By: Casto Photography & Cinema

Photo By: Casto Photography & Cinema

Photo By: Casto Photography & Cinema

Photo By: Casto Photography & Cinema

Photo By: Casto Photography & Cinema

Photo By: Angela Darrah

Photo By: Angela Darrah

Photo By: Angela Darrah

Photo By: Angela Darrah

Photo By: Blumz by JRDesigns

Photo By: Blumz by JRDesigns

Photo By: Blumz by JRDesigns

Photo By: Debbie's Bloomers

Photo By: Joe Guggia

Photo By: JP Designs Floral

Artful Arrangement

Add interest with textual ferns and plants that bring the gardens indoors during the winter months. A Boston fern (front) joins a Rhipalis (wood riser) and feathery plumosus fern (back left), on a console table styled by Karin Jeffcoat of Cote Designs, a floral and event studio in Aiken, S.C. A maidenhair fern is on the right. The painting is by Dixie Purvis; the furniture is from Nandina Home & Design.

Terrific Trio

Rhipalis (far left), Boston fern (front left) and Plumosus fern (back left) are fitted in organic clay pots for a sweet console table display.

Mossy Focal Point

Selaginella moss, also known as peacock moss, is nestled in a decorative container. This variety of moss likes moist soil and high humidity, says Karin Jeffcoat, owner of South Carolina-based Cote Designs. When planting into containers with no drainage, she lines the bottom with pea gravel. Placing plants with their pots into the container allows her to water them individually. She also adds water to the bottom of the container to allow for humidity.

Windowsill Vignette

Create a kitchen windowsill garden for the winter months. Karin Jeffcoat of Cote Designs hand-picked herbs, such as Thai basil, basil, lemon mint and rosemary, that need sunlight during the day.

Vintage Touches

Go vintage with found containers that hold herbs and bring greenery to your windowsill. This display is styled by Cote Designs in South Carolina.

Coffee Table Collection

Dress up your coffee table with greens, such as Boston fern, and accessories. Since ferns love moist soil, using organic clay pots lined with pea gravel gives you the option to lift the plant and water for easy care, says Karin Jeffcoat, owner of Cote Designs, a floral and event studio in Aiken, S.C.

Vertical Planter Idea

Hang this vertical planter on a wall, dress up a bookshelf or add life to your mantle decor.  This wine crate will hold nine 4” plants, but floral designer and stylist Angela Darrah chose to only use five. She filled the remaining four cubes with mosses, kiwi vine and white mini pumpkins.

Cute Clay Pots

Cluster your houseplants in a modern metal basket or beautiful tray. Use clay saucers or line your tray with cork to guard against water damage, says floral designer and stylist Angela Darrah. She likes to use terra cotta pots placed at two different heights for added interest and dimension.

Update a Metal Planter

A metal trough-style planter compliments the gray tones in this begonia and reindeer moss. If you aren’t sure your container is waterproof, line it with a heavy piece of plastic and add a base layer of rocks to help with drainage, advises floral designer and stylist Angela Darrah.

Leave Room for Vining Plants

Use lanterns (with their glass panels removed) and hanging candleholders to show off vining plants, suggests floral designer Angela Darrah. This 'Neon Pothos' Epipremnum aureum thrives in low light conditions and pops against the red accent wall. When hanging plants, weight is a concern, so Darrah suggests using a decorative moss sheet to disguise a plain plastic container.

Gather Succulents and Cacti

Incorporate succulents, such as Haworthia minima (left), a small evergreen plant with hard, fleshy blue-green leaves that are covered in white tubercles. It produces white flowers with pink tips. Blumz by JRDesigns, a floral and event design company, has placed it beside a potted cactus.

Find Trusty Plants

A ZZ plant (official name Zamioculcas zamiifolia) is an easy-going, dependable house plant. ZZ, with its thick upright stems and dark-green glossy leaves, accents a room and tolerates low light.

Make Terrariums

Succulents and cacti, displayed in terrariums, generally require the same care: bright light, minimal water and soil that drains rapidly.

Embrace an Air Plant

A spherical glass vase displays an exotic Tillandsia styled by Debbie's Bloomers, a floral and home decor boutique in Texas. During the fall and winter, the evergreen perennial plant loves direct sun and can be grown in front of a window.

Think Architecturally

Joe Guggia, a California floral designer, mixes greenery and natural elements, such as willow, for his large pieces of “foliage art.”

Fill a Corner

Adding natural elements gives container gardens a custom look, says Joe Guggia, a California floral designer. He incorporates items, such as bamboo, willow and rocks, into his indoor displays. It all starts with the container, from faux stone rounds to slender metal squares to larger baskets.

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