9 Clever Ways to Use Dollar Store Items as Planters

Put a quirky spin on container gardening with thrifty, repurposed items from your local variety store.

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Rubber Boots

Rubber boots make great planters for tall plants. Use a utility knife to cut penny-sized holes in the bottom of each boot for drainage. Line the boot bottoms with pebbles to help with drainage and weigh down the boots so they don't tip over.

Gravy Boat

A ceramic gravy boat turns tableware into a surprising planter. Since these dishes are generally shallow, they're a perfect fit for small succulents. Line the bottom with gravel to help with drainage.

Tin Loaf Pan

Low, rectangular vessels are ideal for grasses or cascading plants. Use a drill with a 1/8-inch bit to add holes in the bottom for drainage. For a rustic touch, leave the pan outside until it gets a slight patina.


Miniature Victorian-style teapots are popular items at variety stores. Plants with soft shapes, such as maidenhair fern, add to the pot's delicate beauty.

Kitchen Storage Containers

These look like flower pots, only funkier. Containers with ingredients like "flour" or "sugar" on them add personality. For a modern spin, pick containers of stainless steel or nickel.


Give your plants a Western spin with mini spittoon planters. These work well planted with lemon button ferns or Boston ferns and grouped in odd numbers. For drainage, drill a hole in the bottom.

Watering Can

A garden tool becomes a container garden with a little creativity. Don't forget to drill a hole added to the bottom for drainage.


A colander makes a great planter because the drainage holes are already there. To keep soil from falling out of the holes, line the sides of the colander with peat moss.

Candy Jar

Candy jars come in all shapes and sizes, so you can make any style planter. Choose urn-shaped jars for a formal look.

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