16 Fun DIYs to Celebrate Your Love for Emojis

We give these DIYs a triple heart-eyes smiley.

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Emojis may be relatively new in the U.S., but they've actually been around for decades, originating in Japan in the late '90s. Creator Shigetaka Kurita observed expressions people made throughout the city with other common objects to make the first 180 emojis that ultimately inspired our system today.

As of 2017, emojis have become their own language. Years ago they may have been used to simply showcase relative emotions, but now they've grown into a more complex communication system by replacing words and phrases. And have you ever felt yourself lost in translation? Just like those misinterpreted texts from friends, that single smiley can be just as difficult to read.

Because we all communicate through emojis every single day, July 17 has been designated World Emoji Day! Celebrate with inspired recipes and DIY projects to tech your communication game to the next level.


Winky Face Lemon Tart

Photo by: Carlene Thomas, FoodNetwork.com

Carlene Thomas, FoodNetwork.com

Peanut Butter-Cracker Sandwich Smileys

Photo by: Carlene Thomas, FoodNetwork.com

Carlene Thomas, FoodNetwork.com

Poop Emoji Cupcake Cones

Photo by: Carlene Thomas, FoodNetwork.com

Carlene Thomas, FoodNetwork.com

Learn how to turn food into insanely cute emojis from FoodNetwork.com.

Unicorn Cake Truffles

Photo by: Food.com


Get the recipe from Food.com.

Emoji Macarons

Photo by: Food.com


Get the recipe from Food.com.


Emoji Magnets

DIY Emoji Magnets 05:56

Learn how to make adorable emoji magnets for your locker or fridge.

Snapchat + Emoji Backpack

Snapchat and Emoji Backpacks 05:13

Meg creates emoji and Snapchat backpacks for back-to-school.

Heart Envelope Emoji Pillow

Heart Envelope Emoji Pillow 03:22

Karen's DIY heart pillow is the perfect decor for fans of emojis.

Perler Bead Phone Cases

DIY Perler Bead Phone Cases 02:56

Learn how to make a cute DIY phone case with a personalized design.

Crystal Ball Card + Art

Crystal Ball Card and Art 02:27

Dream about your future as you gaze at this DIY crystal ball art.


Pizza Emoji

Taco Dog/Pizza Emoji Costumes 01:28

Dress your dog up for Halloween with these clever DIY costumes by Meg.

Snapchat Dog

Snapchat Dog Halloween Costume 03:14

Create a Snapchat dog filter costume in just a few simple steps.

Because You're So Obsessed With Pop Culture

See All Photos
We've got the perfect gifts for Netflix bingers, bibliophiles, grown-up 90s kids and more.

For the Harry Potter Fan

Keep muggles in the dark with this hand-stamped cuff branding your friend's go-to spell, like "Lumos," "Accio" and "Stupefy." Starting at $20; Etsy

Photo By: Etsy

For the 'Gilmore Girls' Fan

Have you and your pal dreamed of walking the streets of Stars Hollow, Conn.? Us, too. This vintage-style print is perfect for dreaming up New England getaways while sipping on your daily cup of joe. Starting at $17.50; Etsy

Photo By: Etsy

For the 'Stranger Things' Fan

"Friends don't lie, and they shouldn't keep secrets from each other, either." Give your friend a not-so-subtle reminder when they need it the most. This cotton pouch is perfect for holding pens, makeup and jewelry; it is, unfortunately, too small for frozen waffles. $14; Etsy

Photo By: Etsy

For the Pokemon Go Fan

If your friend has to catch 'em all, then here's a way to support them on their way to the top. Gift these custom-made gym badges for proudly displaying on their hat, jacket or backpack. $16; Amazon

Photo By: Amazon.com

For the 'Mean Girls' Fan

Poor, Regina. All she wanted to do was lose three measly pounds. (To those unsure, butter is most definitely not a carb.) $18; Etsy

Photo By: Etsy

For the Beyonce Fan

If your BFF loves cats and Beyonce, then (s)he'll love this playful coaster set featuring kittens getting down to Queen Bey's best lyrics. $31; Etsy

Photo By: Etsy

For the 'Parks and Recreation' Fan

Ben may not get the appeal of Li'l Sebastian, but we do! For the serious Parks and Recreation fan, this Pawnee Harvest Festival t-shirt is a must-have to honor Leslie's hard-working efforts. $24; NBC Universal Store

Photo By: NBC Universal Store

For the Emoji Fan

For your friend who only speaks emoji, this starstruck bracelet is the perfect gift. $36; Baublebar

Photo By: BaubleBar

For the 'Star Wars' Fan

Any Star Wars-loving chef will go nuts for this wooden cutting board inspired by the fastest ship in the galaxy. We suggest not following the ship's gridlines when prepping your Revwien coleslaw and Bantha kabobs. $14; Think Geek

Photo By: ThinkGeek

For the 'Friends' Fan

Could Monica and Rachel's apartment BE any more perfect? For the design geek who also happens to love these six besties, take a look inside the floorplans of all four apartments. Then ask yourself — how did they afford the rent?! $80 (set of four); Etsy

Photo By: Etsy

For the 'Outlander' Fan

For the true Outlander fanatic, this hand-pressed t-shirt is a must-have accessory. A method of all-over dye sublimination is used so that 40,000 words of author Diana Gabaldon's original 1991 text cover the entire shirt. $34; Litographs

Photo By: Litographs

For the 'Game of Thrones' Fan

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to attend a feast at Winterfell? Now, the mouthwatering dishes from across Westeros can be made in your very own kitchen with A Feast of Ice and Fire. $23; Amazon

Photo By: Amazon.com

For the 'X-Files' Fan

This is the perfect gift for the Dana Scully in your life. $12; AllPosters

Photo By: AllPosters.com

For the 'Saved By the Bell' Fan

Were you and your friends always envious of the gangs' summer "working" at the Malibu Sands Beach Club? You can finally grab a souvenir tee and pretend you were lifeguarding on the Pacific Coast and throwing after-hours parties. $27.50; Redbubble

Photo By: Redbubble

For 'The Office' Fan

A true Office fan will recognize these 16 silhouettes in an instant. Starting at $21.67; Redbubble

Photo By: Redbubble

For the Handy(wo)man + Comedy Fan

For your DIY friend, this inside look at actor and comedian Nick Offerman's Los Angeles woodshop will have them making kazoos, mustache combs, bottle openers and more. $24.72 (hard cover); Amazon

Photo By: Amazon.com

For the 90's Nickelodeon Fan

For 90s kids, classic Nickelodeon shows taught us everything we need to know about life and love. And thanks to All That, we even learned French from Pierre Escargot! $20; Redbubble

Photo By: Redbubble

For the Lisa Frank Fan

OK, so your friend may not need a Lisa Frank school folder, but (s)he does need a unicorn sprinkles shaker. Just because. $8; Amazon

Photo By: Amazon.com

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