Throw a Confetti-Inspired New Year's Eve Party

Incorporate sparkle into your New Year's Eve party this year in unexpected ways with our simple, DIY ideas.
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All in the Details

On New Year's Eve, no detail is more important than your outfit. Give your ensemble the glamour it deserves by adorning a plain hanger with sequins and letting your garb take center stage as you're preparing for the big night. If you're planning to have the girls over to get ready, offer these bedazzled hangers to display each guest's outfit, then give them as commemorative favors.

DIY: Sequins Hanger

Purchase sequin stretch fabric from your local craft store, then carefully use hot glue to stretch the material over a wooden hanger. Proceed to cut, stretch and glue as needed until the whole hanger is covered.

Glittery Hair Accessory

There's no question that accessories can make or break an outfit. Rather than heading to your nearest department store for the latest trends, create your own hair accessories by giving regular bobby pins New Year's flair with glitter. To make, slide the pins onto the edge of scrap paper to keep them stable. Squeeze a thin line of craft glue along the top of each. Sprinkle fine glitter onto the glue, then allow to dry. 

Don't Lift a Finger

Get festive, glitter nails without the salon. This easy technique can be done at home in a fraction of the time, and uses materials that you'll likely have around the house.

DIY: Glitter Nails

To get the look, paint nails with one coat of clear polish, and while it's still wet, cover liberally with regular fine glitter. Once dry, shake off hands to remove any excess glitter, then apply a top coat of clear polish and allow to dry.

Embellished Glassware

Embellish your glassware with glitter tape that you can buy at your local craft store. To make, use scissors to cut decorative glitter tape into your desired shapes. Then peel backing, and adhere to glassware. When the party's over, simply peel off the tape and wash your glassware as usual.

Gold Confetti Centerpiece

Sometimes the best decorative elements are the simplest. To make this eye-catching centerpiece, scatter large flakes of gold confetti in the middle of a dining table and top with large pillar candles and small votives.

Floral Flair

Mason jars are inexpensive, durable and easy to craft with. For your New Year's Eve bash, give this normally rustic decor piece a glamorous facelift using glitter. To make, turn your mason jar upside down and coat entirely with a layer of spray adhesive in a well-ventilated area. Liberally cover with glitter and once dry, shake off excess.

Sparkling Sugar Rim

Don't add glitter to just your decor — add it to your menu too. To add a shimmery and tasty garnish to your cocktails, pour white sparkling sugar sprinkles into a low mound in a shallow dish. Cut a small slit into a lime wedge, then slide it along the rim of your cocktail glass. Dip the top of the glass into the sprinkles, twisting the glass back and forth until the sugar is fully adhered to the rim.

NYE Fortune Cookies

The stroke of midnight marks the beginning of a new year — and for many — new goals and aspirations. Fortune cookies are a delicious and playful way to predict what's to come. When adorned with sparkling sugar, they're instantly taken from drab to fab. To add sugar, combine water and powdered sugar in a small bowl until it reaches a paste-like consistency. Dip a fortune cookie halfway into the mixture, pull it out, then wait a few seconds for the liquid to become slightly tacky. Dip the cookie into white sparkling sugar, and set on parchment paper to dry.

Printable Fortunes

To truly wow your guests, bake the fortune cookies yourself and fill them with New Year's-themed fortunes. Download our free printables here>>

Dessert Topper

This time of year, the craft store shelves are brimming with glittery, sparkly materials. In a flash, a simple gold cord with wire can be transformed into cheerful cupcake or cake toppers that are sure to delight guests. To make, bend gold cord, pipe cleaners or stiff tinsel into the numbers two, zero, one and five. Then, use hot glue to attach to the end of wooden skewers and allow to dry. Insert into cupcakes or a cake to ring in the New Year in style.

Coat Check Numbers

Make your guests feel like VIP with coat check service. Add a personal touch to your tags by numbering them with embossing glitter and tying them with satin ribbon. To do this, purchase blank coat check tags that have a hole on top for ribbon or elastic and a perforated edge for giving guests claim tickets. Dip number stamps in a gold pigment ink pad, then stamp onto tag. Before the pigment ink dries, sprinkle glitter embossing powder onto the numbers, shake off excess powder and hold an embossing heat tool over the tag for 5-10 seconds. Repeat process with smaller number stamps on the claim stub. String a ribbon or elastic through the hole and tie. 

Say Cheese

Everyone loves taking party pics, so why not let the ones from your New Year's Eve bash shine above the rest with a show-stopping backdrop? All you need is a bare wall and store-bought glitter paper to set up a bona fide studio where guests can snap photos with their cameras or cell phones. To make, use a large plate to trace a circle on the back of a sheet of 12x12-inch glitter paper. Cut out the traced circle, then use double-sided tape to adhere to the wall. Repeat with additional colors, and arrange spots on the wall in the layout of your choosing.

DIY Gold Crown

December 31st is the one night of the year when everyone gets to feel like royalty. Help your guests dress the part with homemade miniature crowns that can be donned throughout the night and are especially fun to wear as photo booth props. To make, use scissors to cut crown points into one end of a cardboard toilet paper tube. On the opposite end of the tube, use a small hole punch or scissor points to poke two holes across from each other. Coat the cardboard tube in spray adhesive, then cover with fine craft glitter. Once completely dry, shake off excess glitter and string 12 inches of elastic through the two holes. Tie the ends of the elastic together.

Confetti Poppers

Whether you'll be kissing your sweetheart or shooting off fireworks, the stroke of midnight calls for making a big statement. These confetti cannons can be made inexpensively and are the perfect way to start the New Year off with a bang. To make, use scissors to cut the bottom out of a paper cup and set aside. Knot the end of a non-inflated balloon, then cut the tip of the other end of the balloon. Stretch the cut end of the balloon around the bottom of the paper cup, then fill with confetti. To fire the cannon, pull the knot back and release.

Gold Ribbon Sparklers

No New Year's Eve is complete without sparklers. Take sparklers to the next level by attaching gold ribbon and a tag that reads "Shine On". To make, print our free tags, and punch a hole where indicated. Next, bunch 4-6 sparklers together, and knot a piece of glitter ribbon around them to secure. String the paper tags into the ribbon, and tie a bow. Download our free sparkler tag pattern here>>

Glitter To-Go

The perfect party favor is one that reminds guests of your party while also serving a purpose. These corked bottles of glitter are sweet little decorative pieces for the home, and great to have on hand for craft projects. Tie with twine and adorn with our free printable tags to make the perfect party favor. Download our free printable jar tag pattern>>

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