The Top 25 Ideas You Loved in 2014

See what inspired you this year and start planning for the next growing season.

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25. Extending the Season with a Greenhouse

Greenhouses mean growing lush flowers and plants doesn't have to end just because there's snow on the ground. Plus, it's easy to find the right one for you as they come in many styles and price points. 

24. Small Space Solutions

Not everyone has acres and acres of land, and this year you couldn't get enough small-space gardening ideas.

23. This DIY Potting Bench

This bright potting bench was made from an old dresser. Find a similar project here.

22. Unusual Coneflower Varieties

Move over, purple coneflower—from the creamy white, double-bloomed 'Milkshake' (pictured) to coneflowers so tall they practically touch the sky, we couldn't stop gazing at all the unique coneflower varieties.

21. This Fairy-Tale Garden

This whimsical Atlanta cottage charmed its way into your hearts.

20. This Dumpster-Turned-Pool

Believe it or not, but this crystal clear pool used to be a dumpster before its amazing transformation by New Orleans-based architect/designer Stefan Beese.

19. Getting Those Darned Rabbits Out of Your Garden

Rabbits are cute until they're hungry. 20 Plants Rabbits Hate

18. Low-Maintenance Plants

Dividing plants can be a daunting task for first-timers. This collection of virtually-carefree perennials promise it'll be a few years before you'll ever have to pick up a spade. 

17. Container Garden Inspiration

Plants that grow well together, stay together. (Unless they're annuals.) 16 Creative Container Garden Designs.  

16. Mason Jar Everything

Though the humble Mason jar has been gaining popularity for its variety of alternate uses, ideas for using the jars seemed to explode in 2014. 

15. Yurts

Yurts provide a sturdy, stylish yet easy-to-assemble option to tent- or cabin-camping. Haven't heard about the yurt movement? Check out this gallery of gorgeous options. We'll be getting our camping gear ready.

14. Finding Out What to Plant in the Shade

You loved exploring all the possibilities for shady spots in your garden, taking virtual tours of beautiful gardens, like this shady garden in Charleston, S.C.

13. Planting for Fall Color

With the right combination of plants, you can go leaf-peeping in the sanctity of your backyard. 20 Winning Plants for Fall Color

12. This English-Style Cottage Garden in Maryland

Click here to tour the grand estate, home to a horse farm and this quaint cottage home.

11. Easy Ways to Start Seeds

Can you start seeds in the Sunday paper? Absolutely.

10. How to Host a Summer Party

We're glad our outdoor entertaining guide made throwing a summer bash easy.

9. Herbs that Grow in the Shade

These shade-tolerant herbs delighted your senses this year.

8. Natural Swimming Pools

You skipped past traditional chemical-laden pools this year in lieu for these lush, natural pools.

7. Fall Vegetable Garden Ideas

Growing your own food is becoming more and more popular for urban gardeners, and this year you aimed to keep on growing into the fall, and even winter. Plant These Veggies for Fall Harvest

6. Extravagant Garden Designs

You flocked to this collection of lavish gardens from top designers featured at the Chelsea Flower Show.

5. Late Summer Gardening Tips

This list of August garden chores helped you close down your summer garden with a bang and get your fall garden off to a great start.

4. Help for Awkward Yards

In a perfect world we would all have flat, square backyards with plenty of room for planting. Until then, here's 14 landscaping ideas for awkward, multilevel yards.

3. Hardscapes

You had a big crush on the stonework used in these dreamy hardscapes. Other projects of interest this year? Tree swings, stairs and outdoor kitchens

2. Keeping Out Those Nosy Neighbors

Creating a private retreat was a top priority this year. Click here to explore all the creative fence options.

1. Fire Pits, and Lots of Them

With fire feature designs that match any style and their ability to turn a plain ol' yard into an entertaining zone in a snap, we honestly can't blame you for exploring all the fire pit options this year. S'mores, anyone?