Pinecone Christmas Tree Centerpiece

Create a fun and simple pinecone Christmas tree centerpiece. This kid-friendly craft is a great way to dress up your holiday table.

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Photo By: Sam Henderson

Photo By: Sam Henderson

Photo By: Sam Henderson

Photo By: Sam Henderson

Photo By: Sam Henderson

Photo By: Sam Henderson

Photo By: Sam Henderson

Photo By: Sam Henderson

Photo By: Sam Henderson

Photo By: Sam Henderson

Photo By: Sam Henderson

Photo By: Sam Henderson

Photo By: Sam Henderson

Photo By: Sam Henderson

Kid-Friendly Holiday Craft

Create a pinecone Christmas tree centerpiece for your holiday table. This craft is adorable and simple enough to get the kids involved.

Gathering Your Materials

You will need: marker/ foam core/ craft knife/ cutting board/ fine gauge wire/ medium gauge wire/ wire cutters/ chopstick or pencil/ glitter/ craft glue/ beads and/or gift wrapping trim/ pine cones/ puffy craft clay/ platter/ spray snow/ artificial snow flakes

Cutting Out the Tree Toppers

Use a marker to hand-draw star shapes (no need to make them perfect) on foam core. Place the foam core on a cutting board on a flat surface and carefully cut out the shape with a craft knife. NOTE: For best results, do this in at least two passes, roughly slicing the shape the first time and then making complete cuts on the second round. Repeat the process for as many trees as you are making.

Preparing the Wire

Cut a piece of medium gauge wire at least 3 inches long. Wrap the wire around the end of a chopstick or pencil to make it spiraled, leaving one end straight. Set aside. 

Coating the Star

Completely cover the star shape with craft glue. Be sure to get glue into the corners on the edges of the stars. Sprinkle liberally with glitter on all sides and gently shake excess off onto a sheet of paper. Return the excess to the glitter container for the next star. Allow the glue/glitter to dry completely before proceeding.

Adding the Wire

Insert the straight end of the wire into one of the corners of the edge of the star. Set aside.

Attaching the Beads

Twist a 4-6” length of fine gauge wire to one end of the beads. Use the tail of the wire to wrap and twist it around one of the scales of the pinecone securing the beads in place.

Wrapping the Pinecone

Wrap the beads around the pinecone filling in as much of the space between the layers of scales as possible. Cut the beads at the top of the pinecone and use another piece of fine gauge wire to secure it at the top.

Giving the Tree a Base

Roll a ball of white puffy clay in the palms of your hands. Press the tree firmly into the ball, making the tree stand straight or leaning slightly for a touch of whimsy.

Adding the Trees to the Platter

Add the trees one by one to the platter either in a straight line or slightly askew for variety.

Dusting the Trees With Snow

Very lightly spray just the outside tips of the scales on the pinecones to make it appear as if they have a light dusting of snow. Use paper towels to wipe away any excess that has gotten on the platter while it is still wet.

Adding the Stars

Use the curly end of the wire attached to the stars to wind them around the tops of the pinecones. Adjust the stars by bending the wire as needed.

Filling the Platter

Fill the space between the pinecone trees with artificial snow flakes. TIP: Use a drinking straw to gently blow the snow into hard to reach places. This is also useful for blowing excess snow off of the pinecones without disrupting the rest of the snow.

Festive and Fun

This craft is a fun and easy way to get the kids involved in decorating for the holidays.

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