Mother's Day Gifts for Gardeners

Gardening enthusiasts, experts and editors pick what they'd like on their special day.
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Photo By: Image courtesy of Irin Skye

Photo By: Image courtesy of Gardener's Supply Company

Galvanized Washtub Planter

"I have a small deck off of my kitchen that has been a sadly neglected gardening spot. I want to bring it to life this spring with a free-standing bed to plant herbs. These vintage washing bins are not only practical, but beautiful. And when they aren't housing herbs, I can use them to fill with ice and beer for parties." $249.95;—Felicia Feaster, Editor in Chief,

Cast Wood Planter

"I’m loving this planter from Native Cast. They are a local company here in Pennsylvania that manufactures all of their containers in the United States. I just love the look and natural texture of this cast wood planter that is also lightweight, making it extremely easy to move from one spot to the other. I could see some really cool succulents planted in this or maybe some tall herbs." $56;—Stacey Pierson, senior account manager at Garden Media Group

Bud Vase

"I love the pottery of American artist and potter Frances Palmer. Her delightful pottery style—classical with a touch of whimsy—is a floral designer’s dream come true. Her one-of-a-kind collector's pieces range in price from $125 to $1,800, but for the vase lover on a budget, Frances's Pearl Collection reflects the artist’s signature style at everyday prices." $50;—Debra Prinzing, author of "The 50 Mile Bouquet" and "Slow Flowers"

Fruit-Scented Geraniums

"I’m into creating memorable outdoor experiences with my young daughter, so I like to get plants that we can plant together in the garden and continue to enjoy in special ways throughout the year. This year I’m really into making fun horticultural crafts with plants, like scented geraniums (Pelargonium varieties). Not only do scented geraniums make for great drought-tolerant, low-maintenance plant choices for an herb garden or as houseplants, they also offer a variety of fragrances." $29.95;—Susan Morgan, Therapeutic Horticulture Manager at Dallas Arboretum

Succulent Wreath

I'll tell anyone who'll listen what I want for Mother's Day: It's this gorgeous succulent wreath from Viva Terra. Can I make it myself? Sure. Do I want to make it myself? No. I want my husband to buy it, pretend it's from my son and then take me out to a long, lazy lunch.—Danny Bonvissuto

Bunny Necklace

"I am always inspired by gardens, nature and animals, and I especially love when they overlap. I love being a mother to two beautiful children and I enjoy wearing mother's necklaces that are a bit subtle—like a secret between my children and me. This sweet little bunny necklace can be customized. I would love to have this with a momma bunny and two little babies following behind. Sadly, my little ones seem to be growing up just as quickly as little bunnies." $21;—Melissa Caughey, HGTV blogger

Mouse Watering Can

"At 3 and 5, my sons are still very small and very silly. This charming little mouse watering can is probably not something I would ever buy for myself, but I’d love to get it from them. It would probably also score me even more small-hands help with the watering chores." $24.95;—Jillian St. Charles, VP of

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