Make a Hanukkah Table Setting

 Bring a natural element to your Hanukkah table with this simple yet elegant table setting.

Photo By: photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: photo by Sam Henderson

Floral Touches

Hydrangeas add a touch of blue to your holiday table.

Dressing the Table

Keep it simple with silver, white, and blue. The plates are adorned with a votive filled with blue foil wrapped candies and a silver star made from craft foam and aluminum AC duct tape attached to a blue ribbon.

Gathering the Materials

For the floral arrangement you will need: Tropical leaves/ mini trifle bowls/ hydrangea blooms/ scissors/ blue ribbon/ double stick tape/ water.

Cutting the Leaves

Cut away a section of the tropical leaf long enough to curl inside the bowl and wide enough to fill the bowl from top to bottom. Do not include the rigid center part.

Placing the Leaf Section

Fill the bowl with water. Curl the leaf section with the most rigid part on the inside. Place the curled leaf section inside the bowl and position it to cover the walls of the bowl.

Cutting the Hydrangeas

Cut the stem of the hydrangea about 3-4 inches from the bottom of the bloom. Remove any leaves.

Placing the Hydrangea Bloom

Place the bloom in the bowl to determine how much to trim it. Remove the bloom and trim away any excess, leaving enough for the stem to touch the bottom and leave the petals resting just above the rim of the bowl.

Finishing Touches

Cut a length of ribbon long enough to wrap around the bowl near the top. Make a small bow with another piece of ribbon and attach it with double stick tape and another small piece of ribbon at the center of the long ribbon. Wrap the long ribbon and bow around the bowl and secure it with double stick tape on the back of the bowl.

Festive Floral

Your Hanukkah table will sing with floral color with this simple floral arrangement and table setting.

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