Halloween Pet Costume: Groovy Rasta

Get your pet ready to party this Halloween with this fun Rastafarian wig and hat. A few craft store materials are all you need for this easy-to-craft costume.
Rastafarian Costume For Pets

Rastafarian Costume For Pets

Your pet gets the Island vibe for Halloween this year with this fun Rastafarian wig and hat. Yarn, a premade crochet doily, and a few more materials are all you need for this great costume.

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Materials Needed

red, green, yellow and black yarn
thick black chunky yarn
crochet doily in coordinating colors (found at craft stores)
yarn needle
elastic cord
red, yellow and green pony beads
tennis ball

Whip-Stitch Edge of Hat

Wrap the doily around a tennis ball. Secure one end of black yarn to the doily with a double knot leaving at least a 2" tail (Image 1). Continue stitching the black yarn through the lowest and highest part of the doily's edge all the way around to create the bottom shape of the hat. Pull snugly and tie with the tail from the initial knot (Image 2). Begin covering the outside circle of the doily with black yarn. Stitch through the back of the doily and over bringing the needle through the loop you have created in a blanket-stitch style (Image 3). Continue stitching in this way until you have made it all the way around the doily to add a decorative black band.

Add Traditional Rasta Color Banding 

Tie yellow yarn to the end of the black yarn, knotting it very close to the doily. Continue stitching around the second circle of the doily with yellow yarn. When you reach the end of the circle, tie red yarn to the yellow yarn keeping the knot very close to the doily (Image 1). Cut off any excess (Image 2). Continue stitching around the third circle of the doily with the red yarn. Tie off the end with green yarn and repeat the stitches for the center of the doily. Finish on the inside and tie a knot with one of the inside threads (Image 3).

Create Dreadlocks

Cut the chunky black yarn into 12 varying lengths between 7 and 9 inches. Thread a pony bead onto the ends of each length and tie a knot in the yarns' ends to secure the beads (Image 1). Remove any excess. For the example, we made 4 lengths each with red, green and yellow beads. Group the lengths together in threes, including one of each color bead (Image 2).With all 12 lengths of chunky yarn laying side-by-side, use a piece of yarn to knot them together while still keeping them side-by-side (Image 3).

Attach Dreadlocks to Hat

Thread one of the green yarn ends through the needle and stitch it into the opposite end of the grouped lengths (Image 1).You should now have one end of the green yarn on either side of the dreadlocks (Image 2). Use the threaded needle to stitch the center of the dreadlocks to one side of the hat’s green center (Image 3). Remove yarn from needle and thread opposite end of green yarn from dreadlocks through needle before repeating this process, stitching it to the opposite side of the hat's green center so the 'hair' is securely attached to the hat. Knot the yarn on the inside of the hat (Image 4).

Add Elastic Chin Strap

Stitch a 5-6 inch piece of elastic cord (depending on the size of your pet's head) through one side of the hat and tie a knot. Repeat for the other side to create a chin strap that will comfortably keep the hair and hat in place on your pet.

Dress Your Pet

Slide the hat and wig over your pet's muzzle, being careful not to hurt their ears. Check that the chin strap isn't too tight; if it is, make adjustments. 

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